10 Reasons to Visit Sarangani
There are more things you can enjoy in this underrated province than you think.

On the southernmost tip of the Philippines is Sarangani, breathtaking attractions lure travelers from all over the world. Governor Steve Solon and his wife, Michelle, share some of their favorite things to do.

1. Unwind on white sand beaches.
Sarangani has six coastal towns by Sarangani Bay. Gumasa, Glan, has several pockets of white sand coves, and its beaches are just an hour’s drive from General Santos City. The main stretch of by three resorts: White Haven, Rosal Beach Resort, and Coco Beach. Their rustic appeal makes them the perfect white sand is occupied escape from urban life.

2. Go paragliding.
Take a paragliding adventure and see the sweeping view of Sarangani Bay from the cliffs of Maasim. Paragliding pilots describe the flight site as one of the best in the world because of the perfect equatorial weather and wind conditions. It hosted the International Paragliding Competition in 2014 and the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup of March last year.

3. Dive.
Diving enthusiasts will enjoy the multiple diving spots in Sarangani Bay. Coral gardens are abundant, and the water is teeming with diverse aquatic life (turtles, Napoleon wrasse, tuna, whales, dolphins, and more).

4. Take a splash with the river tube.
This wet and wild adventure along the rapids of the Pangi River awaits you in Maitum. This community-operated eco-adventure attraction uses recycled tire tubes to take you along two kilometers down the river. You must see the spectacular view of nature flanking the river.

5. Immerse with our Blaan tribe.
Blaan tribe is one of the largest ethnic groups in the province. Take a cultural immersion tour and see their tabih, or abaca weaves, and their heirlooms. Taste their organic dishes. It’s a remarkable experience.

6. Visit the turtle sanctuary.
You will discover that four out of five turtle species lay their eggs on the shores of Kiamba and Maitum. As part of the conservation thrust, the local government and the community are now operating a sanctuary for these turtles. Learn and be an environmental advocate!

7. See the anthropomorphic jars.
Some of the oldest pottery in Southeast Asia were found in Maitum. These anthropomorphic jars or human-like pots were discovered in the caves of Maitum, suggesting the existence of civilization as early as 5 BC. Many of these burial jars can be found in the National Museum. Each secondary burial jar has unique features, like faces with expressions indicating age and gender.


8. Learn the dances and music of the Tbolis.
One of the indigenous tribes found in Sarangani is the Tboli. The sound of gongs, drums, bamboo flute, and the Tboli dances are delightful. One can have a short day immersion to study Tboli music and dance to understand another truly Filipino way of life.

9. Spend a day on Tuka Beach.
This beautiful white coral beach in Kiamba consists of three coves. Two are preserved as marine sanctuaries and are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

10. Attend Sarbay, the Sarangani Bay Festival.
The biggest beach festival in the country happens every May in Gumasa. The Sarbay Fest last year gathered over 700 athletes competing in nine sports events and about 120,000 beach goers. The weekend is packed with fun activities, concerts, and parties.

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