For 508 Million Pesos, You Can Spend Your Next Vacation in Space

This luxury hotel is blasting off in 2022.

Centuries ago, exploring space we could only see from behind telescopes was nothing more than a dream.

When mankind accomplished this unthinkable feat years later, many refused to believe it, branding milestones such as the launch of the first space satellite and the moon landing as pure fantasies.

However, when the newest, most astounding advancement in space travel to date, was announced, it was welcomed with great excitement and anticipationtruly a testament to just how far we’ve come.

In April, U.S.-based space startup Orion Span announced the opening of Aurora Station Hotela project that will pioneer the future of commercial space travel as we know it. In four years’ time, Aurora Station will launch 200 miles above the Earth’s surface with its first-ever group of space tourists for a 12-day stay. At 35ft-by-14ft in size, it is expected to accommodate four passengers and two crew members at a time for a grand total of $9.5 million (estimated P508 million), or about $792,000 per night, per person.

At this hefty price point, Orion Span CEO and entrepreneur Frank Bunger promises an immersive experience that will deliver on many levels.

Here’s what this 12-day, zero-gravity voyage has to offer:

An Authentic Astronaut Experience

When planning a typical vacation, it’s quite common to find vacationers booking flights, packing bags, and driving to the airport all at the last minute. Space travel, however, requires prior commitment, as future passengers on the Aurora must participate in a training regimen that covers the basics of “spaceflight, orbital mechanics, and life in pressurized environments.”

While becoming a full-time astronaut takes at least two years of intensive training, Orion Span has condensed this compulsory program, which is spearheaded by space industry veterans with more than 140 years of collective human space experience, down to just three months.


Once in orbit, passengers are able to use their newfound knowledge to navigate the wonders and mysteries of living in a state of complete weightlessness.

A Unique View of the World

The Aurora Station

With a constant view of the planet we call home, guests will be able to experience firsthand what they would have only previously seen in images snapped by astronauts and telescopes before them.

In addition, the fully-modular hotel is projected to orbit Earth every 90 minutes, meaning that guests will have the opportunity to catch 16 different pairs of sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. Staying true to its name, the hotel also offers glimpses of both the northern and southern auroras at certain times of the day.

In-Flight Entertainment of the Future

What the Aurora Station is projected to look like inside

While 12 days may seem like a long time to spend harnessed inside a spacecraft, Bunger guarantees there is plenty to do. For instance, in the spirit of continuity, guests will be treated as astronauts in training, attending sessions that account for two to three hours of their day.

They will also be able to participate in research experiments, such as “investigating methods of propagating food in space.” They can also make use of an Orion Span ‘holodeck,’ a virtual reality experience the company says “can only be enjoyed aboard the Aurora Station.” Finallyand perhaps most importantlythe spacecraft will be equipped with unrestricted access to high-speed wifi for guests to share as many outer space selfies as they’d like.

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