Hitler's Infamous Nazi Retreat Is Now A Luxury Resort
After 81 years, the original plan for the structure has finally come to fruition.

Prora, a never-finished resort originally commissioned by Adolf Hitler, has been refurbished by German real-estate company Metropole Marketing. The property, located in the German holiday destination of Rügen, will be turned into a combination of a hotel and apartments geared toward luxury summer vacationers.

Above: Prora's different building blocks taken from the land side. Below: Seaside view of the massive complex.

In 1936, Hitler commissioned the construction of a tourist destination off the coast of the Baltic Sea. The lot was originally built by the Third Reich as part of Nazi Propaganda to win over the German people. Designed to accommodate 20,000 persons, the project involved all of the major construction companies, with a total of over 9,000 workers. However, the series of buildings’ construction was put to a halt as World War II loomed.

Left: Prora left in decay after years of abandon. Right: Metropole Marketing's completed renovation.

Since then, the facility has been made use of in several different ways such as a Soviet military base, military housing, convalescent home, military school, art gallery, and a youth hostel. Through the years, the property has deteriorated due to decay and vandalism.

An example of an apartment unit facing the Baltic Sea.

Beginning 2004, the buildings were sold off block by block since there was no interest to buy the area as a whole. In 2013, staying faithful to Hilter’s plans, Metropole Marketing started to renovate the blocks they acquired. Several of the 8 blocks within the 2.7 mile-long structure will be split between Prora Solitaire Home and Prora Solitaire Hotel Apartments and Spa. While the structure as a whole will be completed in 2022, both the units for the apartments and summer homes are already on sale for $400,000 to $725,000 (P20,246,000 to P36,695,875) a piece.

The unit's interior features a modern design with a neutral color scheme.

Rügen may have its reputation as a holiday destination but coupled with the location’s history and distance from the city, historian and tour guide Roger Moorhouse doubts the complex will be popular. In any case, the heritage-listed site and its dark backstory will definitely attract both history and architecture buffs.

h/t: Business Insider

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