9 Chinese Copies of World-Famous Travel Destinations
China has everything, apparently, including its own Eiffel Tower and Dutch Village.

They say imitation is a form of flattery, but in China it's a tourist spot. From the many miniature copies of landmarks around the globe built by the Chinese, here are a few that stand out. 

Paris, Hangzhou
It isn't just the second largest Eiffel Tower duplicate (the first is the one in Las Vegas) that catches your eye in Hangzhou. The city holds a stunning replication of Paris, complete with the Arc de Triomphe and a structure that houses copies of classic paintings. 

The real Eiffel Tower in Paris (left) and the duplicate in Hangzhou (right)

Hallstatt Village, Guangdong
The carbon copy of the quaint Austrian village cost $940 million to build, which comes complete with farmhouses and Strauss waltz music chiming in as you walk the ghost town that locals now use as a venue for engagement photo shoots.

The city square at Hallstatt, Austria

A tourist exploring Hallstatt in Guangdong

Château Zhang Laffite, Beijing
When real estate mogul Zhang Yuchen sought to recreate the Château de Maisons-Laffitte, he took to replicating the details as well, obtaining copies of the original blueprints and using white Chantilly stone. The one main difference with the Château Zhang Laffite is that it showcases a gallery of Roman and Greek statues. Now that's a cultural jambalaya. 

The Château de Maisons-Laffitte (left) and the Chateau Zhang Laffite, Beijing

Colosseum, Macau
Instead of building the replica of the Colosseum in Rome as an amphitheater just like its original counterpart, the Chinese made the Colosseum in Macau as a shopping mall in the city’s Fisherman’s wharf, because who wouldn't want to shop at one of history's greatest monuments?

Mt. Rushmore, Chongqing
U.S. Presidents of the past George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are also remembered by the Chinese through a miniature version of Mt. Rushmore. The duplicate might even look more detailed than the original!


Mt. Rushmore in full scale

Mt. Rushmore's little Chinese sister

Holland Village, Shanghai
In the quiet subarbs of Shanghai, residents have access to their own Holland Village with a single village in the center. Canal houses surround the waterways and tourists get a hit out of the giant clog across the river. 

The original Holland Village (left) and its Chinese replica (right)

Tower Bridge, Beijing
A knockoff of one of London’s most famed landmarks stands in Suzhou, east of China. The clone of the iconic bridge is almost exact, save for the missing drawbridge function and the Chinese characters that remind you that you are not in London.

The Tower Bridge in London

The Tower Bridge in Beijing

Thames Town, Songjiang
This duplicate of the small British town boasts of red telephone boxes and the queen's guards on display, while statues of Winston Churchill and Harry Potter are between mock-Tudor buildings in this small village close to Shanghai.

Great Wall Of China, Chongqing
The Chinese have taken imitation to a whole new level. They've resorted to copying themselves. There are several versions of their own Great Wall of China, one in Huaxi and a smaller one in Chongqing. At least we know they're patriotic.

The original Great Wall in Beijing

A smaller version in Chongqing

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