5 Rules for Creating a Great Wedding Registry

New York wedding and event planner Jung Lee shares her advice for a no-regrets registry.

Creating a wedding registry is pitched to couples as some gloriously highbrow rendition of Supermarket Sweep. But in reality, outfitting an entire future lifestyle is daunting, especially in the midst of the thousands of decisions a wedding requires. It is surprisingly easy for the registry to become another stressful chore, resulting in a dutiful (or even bizarre) haul that is nice, but not exactly life-changing. Enter Jung Lee.

After arranging nuptials and parties for the likes of Katy Perry, Joseph Altuzarra, Stephen King, and the Tisch Family, the New York event and wedding planner started Slowdance, a design consulting site that helps couples curate an impeccable wedding registry. Lee shares her top five tips for an unforgettable (and usable!) wedding registry.

1. Start with aspiration as your inspiration.

“People should think about their lifestyle first and foremost; the registry should be purposeful, but it should also be a little bit aspirational, like a wedding. A wedding is not an everyday thing and a registry isn’t either. Ultimately your close friends and family want to buy you things that truly last—now is not the time for a blender.”

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2. Don’t stick to one china pattern (seriously).

“When people are getting married they get very overwhelmed with making decisions, so they end up opting for all-white china or something very safe. But, come on, we all have more personality than that! I like four whole place settings that work well together, perhaps two casual and then more luxurious pieces thrown in. It’s like a wardrobe for entertaining. An outfit might be together from this great classic denim, a Zara shirt, and then a designer bag. We have our couples take a quiz to assess their style and then make a personal mix of items that they can use for elegant holiday parties in the winter or fun, casual barbecues in the summer.”


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3. Make room for the memories.

“Even my own wedding photos are in the frames that probably came from Filene’s Basement. I wish I had known when I was getting married to ask for three to five great picture frames to use for our wedding photos. You think you’ll re-frame your photos later, but in reality, you probably won't. So, register for some great monogrammed frames and then you’ll always have that frame with your wedding picture in it and it will be something you’ll cherish forever.”

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4. Personalize whenever possible.

"We like to do tiny hand-etched Roman numbers on our crystal tumblers for when you have a lot of people over. It is a nice, elegant way to know who is drinking from which glass and it elevates it to something really special."

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5. Don’t forget the forks!

“One topic a lot of people overlook is the flatware. But this is what goes in your mouth—it is so personal! Silverware can last you a lifetime but people go back to what they are familiar with so it becomes boring. I love introducing people to really great silverware that has personality. You need to love it, because you use it every day.”

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