A Stunning Wedding at the Centuries-Old San Sebastian Church in Manila
Chicho, a marketing manager, and Miguel, an entrepreneur, wed at the San Sebastian Basilica Minore, followed by a reception at Manila Polo Club.

Maria Katrina Urrutia Suarez weds Miguel Luis Gopengco Rodriguez.

You and Miguel have known each other since you were kids. How did you find your way back to each other?
We were classmates in fourth and fifth grade at Colegio San Agustin. Miguel transferred to Southridge for high school and I moved to Australia for college, so we only reconnected again later on when we were both working through our common friends.

What convinced you to marry him?
Miguel is very natural, he knows who he is, and he’s comfortable with that. He is a gentleman and has a set of values I appreciate. Throughout our relationship, he has never tried to change me and has always accepted me for who I am— funny quirks and all.

Tell us about planning your wedding.
We really wanted to have a day that was about our guests. We included personal touches such as the hand-painted delft-patterned planters with flowers that matched the floral designs on our invitations. We were fortunate to work with many of our friends. When we were still dating, we looked for gothic architecture churches in the Philippines and found San Sebastian. It became our dream church to be married in.

The key to a successful relationship?
Placing God in your love triangle. If you place your trust in Him, it eases the burdens of expectations and worries. Relationships take a good deal of work, and for us, having God by our side is like having the best father and mentor—you can’t lose. Miguel ended up proposing to me in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Santuario de San Antonio, on the eve of his birthday.

The invitations

The bride

Romina Diaz, Chicho Suarez Rodriguez, and Andrea Arenas

Chicho and Miguel

Inside San Sebastian Basilica Minore

Top row: Marco Rodriguez, Alessi Rodriguez, Josh and Yvette Schroeder, Keiran Schroeder, Oscar Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez, Miguel Pertierra, Malou Rodriguez, Trisha Pertierra, Javi and Eunice Rodriguez, Alejandro Rodriguez, and Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez. Bottom: Chloe Schroeder, Mikel Pertierra, Ines Pertierra, and Ryan Schroeder

Atticus King and Lingling King; Clarisse Chiongbian, Monica Eleazar-Manzano, and Clarissa Reyes

Asia Chong, Morri Chong, Yeli Camus, Louie and Gayette Urrutia, Julian Urrutia, Manko Chong, Naty Chong, Dulce Garcia, Baby and Kooky Coching, and Jon Urrutia

Gabi and Maritess Panlilio, Lorraine Shuck, Caroline Arenas, and Raul Teehankee

This story first appeared in the June 2016 issue of Town&Country.

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