This Wedding Makes a Great Case for the Nearby Countryside Destination

Twelve years after their civil wedding, Dina and Paolo Tantoco tied the knot a second time at the Montecito Chapel in Nuvali. We talk to the bride.

Tell us how you and Paolo met.
We first met in middle school at International School Manila but never dated. We were friends, however, and hung out with the same friends who remain our friends today, most of whom were part of our wedding. In college, I visited my cousin over Thanksgiving in Boston and we all hung out—but this time Paolo and I saw each other differently. After that visit, we started talking on the phone. I started working in New York after graduating from college, and while I was there he would visit me, and I would visit him in Boston. That’s when we started dating seriously.

Walk us through your lives together.
In 2006 we had a baby and decided to get married civilly. We lived in Boston, got a home mortgage, and both of us worked. We split our responsibilities and had a great time starting off our lives together there. We decided to move back home to join our families in 2008. Although we miss the States, we love being with all of our family here. Since then we’ve had two more kids, and now our kids are aged 10, 6, and 5.

Why did you decide to have a second ceremony?
After a few years in Manila, we felt it would be great to get married in church and receive the grace of God through the sacrament of marriage. We realized last year that it was the 10th anniversary of our civil wedding and decided we wanted it to coincide with our church wedding. No matter how busy we were, we decided to just do it!

The bride, groom, and their three children

Dina with her bridesmaids. Left photo: Alelu Arroyo, Cristina Villanueva, Bianca Zobel Warns, Vanessa Derkinderen, Dina Tantoco, Bianca Arroyo, Bea Reyes, Katrina Lobregat, and Crickette Tantoco

The happy couple against a whimsical background

A floral display welcomes guests to the reception hall

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