A Rustic and Romantic Wedding Near the Seaside
Olivia, an artist and designer, and Miro, CEO and founder of Volume Unit Entertainment, tied the knot twice-first in Malasimbo, Puerto Galera, and once more in Tribunj, Croatia.

Olivia D’Aboville and Miro Grgic share how they ended up tying the knot, twice.

Tell us how you met.

I was still a textile design student while Miro was visiting Paris and staying at my friend Solenn Heussaff ’s apartment. We both knew that our friends wanted to set us up. I had just ended a relationship and was not in the mood to meet anyone, so going to that party, I was a little apprehensive. We were introduced and eventually sat next to each other, and we spent the whole evening talking. There was definitely an instant connection between us. It was such a pleasant surprise!

What made you two click?

He was genuine, I could feel that from the start. And I loved his laugh! He was who he was—no pretending, no glitters, just a genuine, passionate guy. I liked his accent, which I sometimes did not understand right away. I think he saw I was genuine too. We’re both artists, he in the music arena and I in the arts, so we found common ground in our creative sides.

We hear Miro proposed under the sea!

I was totally caught off guard. We had been together for more than six and a half years so we’d naturally talked a lot about our future together and marriage was always in the picture, but we were actually considering having babies first. Maybe that was a strategy of his so I wouldn’t expect a proposal! While snorkeling, he held up a laminated piece of paper on which he had written, “Olivia, will you marry me?” It was the most creative yet simplest way. I’ve long held a fascination for the ocean’s beauty so there was no better place on earth to propose than under the sea, over a bed of corals.

What were your favorite moments from your two wedding ceremonies?

What I loved about our ceremonies is that they were a true reflection of us as a couple. They were simple, no over-the-top details, yet they were beautiful, intimate, and joyful. All the decorations were handmade with the help of our friends and family, the food was home-cooked with love, and the locations of our ceremonies are dear to our hearts. I’m happy we were able to do two celebrations, in both of our home countries.


Georgia Perrine, Olivia Grgic, and Maria Perrine; Viko Perrine and Kristian Hernandez

What are you two most excited about in this new chapter of your lives?

We’re extremely happy to become a family. We are relocating to Puerto Galera before the sixth edition of Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival scheduled this month. We feel it is important for our son to grow up with solid roots planted in the earth, in nature. We’re planning on building both our studios there—his dream is to have a recording studio and mine is to have a large atelier.

Maia d’Aboville and Henri Lamy; Jessica Tan Gan and Rhiannon Halley

Clement Rousselot, Augustin d’Aboville, Geoffroy de Boissieux, Emmanuel d’Aboville, and Aidan Hilker

First row: Stela Grgic and Luka Grgic; Second row: Niko Grgic, Olivia and Miro Grgic, and Julijana Grgic

Alexandra d'Aboville and Clément Rousselot; Miro Grgic and Marin Grgic

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