Romantic and Rustic: A Marvelous Wedding in the French Countryside

Mia, a fashion and accessories designer, and Jacques Christophe, executive vice president of Jewelmer Joaillerie, tied the knot in Brittany, France.

Mia Arcenas and Jacques Branellec share their beautiful ceremony in Brittany, France.

Tell us how you met.

We were introduced by our mutual friends at a birthday party. We hit it off right away from our first conversation after discovering that we’re very similar in many ways.

What do you appreciate most about each other?

We respect and learn a lot from each other. We always want only the best for one other. We are both very family-oriented and find that we like the same type of people to surround us. His friends have become mine, and mine have become his as well.

How did he propose? Were you surprised?

He proposed in Sydney, Australia. It was very much unexpected since he had always told me he wasn’t ready to settle down and had not thought about the idea of marriage—which was apparently part of his plan all along so as not to have me suspect his plans!

Tell us a bit about your wedding.

We held all of our wedding events—the civil ceremony, welcome cocktail, church ceremony, and goodbye brunch in Saint-Pol-de-Léon and Roscoff, both in Brittany, France. After a year of planning, it was surreal to see everyone who had traveled across the world to be with us.

What are you both looking forward to next?

We are still deciding on our honeymoon plans, but we are excited about building new things together and creating a family. We can’t wait to spend more of our time with both our families and exploring the world together. The list goes on now that we are married!


Mia wears her own design.

Anne Curtis Smith with Nico and Solenn Bolzico; Matteo Guidicelli

Gaelle Branellec; Carla Yeung McKowen, Julie Boschi, and Jun Escario

Marguerite Lhuillier, Mariquita Yeung, and Eva Gullas; Marion Branellec and Martin de Guzman

Erwan Heussaff, Manuel Colayco, Chris Arnott, Jacques Christophe Branellec, Ludovic Branellec, and Ji-Hoon Park

Kate Fernan and Lucia Boschi; Elsie Branellec and Anouk Branellec

Rosendo Arcenas, Mia Arcenas-Branellec, and Maria Iris Fernan-Arcenas; Jacques Christophe Branellec, Francia Rances, and Jacques Branellec

This story was originally published in the December 2017-January 2018 issue of Town&Country.

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