Malu Gamboa, Cirkulo's Host with the Most, Weds Mon Lindo, Her Friend of 21 Years

Their dream team of friends put together their perfect wedding.

Malu Gamboa, a restaurateur, and Mon Lindo, a photographer, tied the knot at Sanctuario de San Antonio, followed by a reception at Manila Polo Club.

Tell us how you met.
Mon and I met 21 years ago at Cirkulo, and though we bumped into each other at many parties through the years, we weren’t very close. Then, in 2014, we began seeing each other at the weekly Salcedo Market, where my family’s restaurant Azuthai has a stall. Mon made it a point to stop by for a chat every Saturday. Over the weeks, our regular small talk got lengthier, and one day, he invited me to an art event. I said yes even before he finished his sentence!

What do you appreciate most about each other?
People who know me well know that I am such a Manila girl, deeply connected to my friends, the Assumption community, my business, and of course, my family. I see that same kind of loyalty and devotion in the way Mon treats his family and his close friends. There are, of course, a lot of other unique bonding points that we share since we’re from the same time and space.

How did Mon propose?
Mon had originally planned to propose on the night of February 12, 2017. Unfortunately, things kept popping up that night. It wasn’t until after midnight that Mon and I had some alone time. While we were watching TV, Mon casually put a ring on my finger. I shrieked in surprise! It was totally unexpected, especially at that particular moment. Neither of us had been married before and I can honestly say we both enjoyed our routine as singles. Marriage was indeed a big step but it was the natural progression of our relationship and I am enjoying the difference immensely.


Tell us about planning your wedding.
“You won’t have to lift a finger, missy!” was the promise of my dream team, and they were true to their word. Rajo Laurel knows my style so well and knew to make a dress I could dance in. Teenee Chan, our producer extraordinaire, was very mindful that we didn’t want any dragging speeches, just some heartfelt words from my sister Gina and Mon’s brother Louie. To give Manila Polo Club a unique look for the night, our dearest friends Tina Bonoan, Anton Barretto, Judith Berenguer-Testa, and Zenas Pineda transformed the Main Lounge into a dreamy space. It was breathtaking and we loved every detail of it. My brother J. made sure the food was superb. Aside from Cirkulo’s signature dishes of cochinillo asado, paella Montana, and roast prime rib, he had an extra special surprise—he presented two maestro cortadors from Madrid to serve Cinco Jotas’ jamon Iberico during our reception cocktails!

Honeymoon plans?
We had a “buddymoon” with 25 friends the day after the wedding in El Nido. We wanted to show off our beautiful country to our friends who flew from all over the world for our big day. Last month, we went off on our own to attend a friend’s wedding in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico, then proceeded to Oaxaca, and finally to Mexico City.

What do you look forward to in this new chapter in your lives?
Doing everything and nothing together.

Mon and Malu Lindo

Gina Pimentel, Leonardo Gamboa, Malu Gamboa Lindo, Popsie Gamboa, and J. Gamboa

JonJon Rufino, Valerie Sotto, Angelette Calero, Gina Goco-Morales, Tonton Roxas, Rosan Cruz, and Marissa Lopa

Eugene Marfil, Anthony Chan, Medwin Marfil, and Allan Elgar

Grace and Neil Llamanzares, Mon Lindo, and Stephen Sieh

Thea Ugarte, Leica Argosino, and Tin and Alex Reyes

Susiean Go, Viola Cheong, Peep Sy, Leica Argosino, Kitty Jacinto, Tessa Valdes, Malu Gamboa Lindo, Sandy Romualdez, Lia Lesaca, and Jitty Overton

Amanda and Mike Bond, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Franchesca and Patrick Dionisio; Rajo Laurel

Pepper Teehankee, Karen Roa, Manet Dayrit, Joanna Duarte, Chary Mercado, Ria Sta. Maria, Patti Manuel, and Jenny Coburn.

Standing: Mon and Malu Lindo with Ernest Escaler. Seated: Letty Laurel, Remy Romero-Salas, Maribel Ongpin, Isabel Caro-Wilson.

This story was originally published in the May 2018 issue of Town & Country Philippines.

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