This Couple Exchanged Vows Amid Napa Valley's Picturesque Vineyards and Wineries
Kris and Mario tied the knot over a three-day affair in Napa Valley.

Kristina Guevara Sy and Mario Yuhico Lozano tied the knot over a three-day affair in Napa Valley.

We hear you and Mario were high school sweethearts.

It was definitely the craziest story. We met in freshman year in high school, got together in junior year, then broke up when I left for college in Boston. It was a 15-year saga that none of us could ever have predicted would end this way—except maybe for our mothers, who secretly met up throughout the years. Taking a step back, it is crazy to think that we first met and became a couple in our teens and reunited and tied the knot in our early 30s.

Tell us how you found your way back to each other.

Mario and I stayed in touch after 12 years of living in different cities, he in Manila and I in Boston and then New York. But it wasn’t until a few years ago when he started flying back and forth to New York that we got to know each other again, this time as adults. I finally decided to move back to Manila in mid-2014, and we haven’t been apart since.

Your wedding was in beautiful Napa Valley.

I definitely wanted a destination wedding to keep it intimate. We fell in love with the city of Yountville because it represented both our personalities. It is tucked amidst a backdrop of mountains and vineyards (Mario loves the outdoors) and it had many of my favorite restaurants in New York. Mario and I are both wine lovers and both love Napa Valley, so it was an easy choice. We also have friends and family in Manila, Los Angeles, and New York, so it was a good midway point for everyone. The best perk of a destination wedding is that we were able to spend a long weekend with our closest friends and family versus having to say goodbye immediately after the wedding. Our wedding felt like a large family reunion for both our families.


Tell us about your favorite moment from the wedding.

Our moms surprised us with a homemade video where they narrated and pieced together our 15-year story from their perspective. I was shocked by how well they knew every detail—all the dates we reunited in Manila and on trips abroad, and even when Mario and I stopped communicating. It was nice to see the camaraderie and love between our mothers and how patiently they waited at the sidelines for our (and their) happy ending to come.

Marice Sy, Barbra Sy, Reynaldo Sy, Kris Sy, and Anna Marie Sy; Maria Purificacion Lozano and Mario Lozano

Paolo Onate, Ralph Barretto, Rick Lee, Gino Gervasio, Kara Manuel, Jolo Peralta, and Carissa Chan

Nicole Albert and Patricia Lozano; Noelle Hernandez, Carla Minaya, and Joyce Urieta

Sebastian Sy, Simon Sy, Mario and Kris Lozano, and Stefan Sy

Jose Ma. Sainz de Vicuna, Alfredo Lozano, and Mario Vijungco

Ernest Sy and Mark Lozano; George Go and Thomas Sy

Standing: Reena Parikh, Kris Sy Lozano, Shen Chen, and Christine Soriano. Seated: Melissa Nonaka, Lindsay Sheehan, and Fany de la Cruz.

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