6 Ways to Elegantly Nail the Industrial Wedding Decor Trend

Use these tips from celebrity experts to plan a modern, edgy day of your own.

Move over, rustic. There’s a new wedding trend dominating Pinterest boards and tablescapes: industrial chic decor.

Industrial wedding design is a clean style that allows couples to pick and choose a few shining details, says WeddingWire’s Wedding Trend Expert Anne Chertoff. The result is modern and minimal, without lacking pizazz. Part of the beauty lies in the contrast—soft lace dresses against concrete walls, brass decor poking out from your greenery.

We rounded up some of the core components of the trend below, with tips from Chertoff and celebrity decorators on how to elegantly capture the look for your own special day.

1. Pick Contrasting Flowers

Carly Cylinder, floral designer and host of Craftsy's "The Flower Kitchen," likes to stick to clean lines and metallic accents when designing florals for industrial events. She recommends keeping the color palate clean and incorporating neutral florals and a lot of greens, like Israeli Ruscus or English Ivy.

For softness and contrast, Smith recommends delicate whites and pastel flowers, such as Ranunculus, roses, Calla Lilies and orchids. A beautiful way to add another natural touch, Smith recommends, is to drape garlands of ferns, Ruscus and Eucalyptus around chairs and beams.

2. String Up Edison Bulbs

A tentpole of industrial design, these bulbs’ popularity comes from their versatility, says Chertoff. You can hang them from the ceiling to the floor, across a backdrop, or overhead above tables to add an intimate “bistro feel."

3. Incorporate Geometric Shapes


Pins for geometric place settings were up 145 percent this year on Pinterest. Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer at B Floral Design & Production, says you can hit the trend and add wow-factor without taking up too much surface area by hanging metal geometric shapes throughout your venue. Finish off the look by wrapping Eucalyptus around metallic circular hoops and frames, like these ones from Etsy.

4. Forget Table Linens

Chertoff recommends looking for distressed wood tables, leave them uncovered, then pair them with brass or burnished silver chairs. Skip the stainless steel cutlery and serving ware for this event and consider swapping in brass, copper, or pewter pieces.

5. Think Creatively For the Venue

Industrial and factory spaces revamped as wedding venues can help a couple bring their industrial chic vision to life, Chertoff notes, as their walls are usually brick or concrete, with concrete or wood floors. Perfect pairings, given that cement accents were up 320 percent on Pinterest this wedding season.

6. Strike A Balance

To make sure your industrial wedding still looks refined, Smith says it’s important to incorporate flowers and texture alongside metallic elements for balance. 

“If there are too many industrial accents, your venue may appear cold and unappealing. Soft textures and pops of light pastels can truly bring a level of comfort and elegance to the space,” Smith says.

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