An Enchanting and Elegant Wedding in a Bacolod Family Home

Longtime sweethearts Maiki and Carlo tied the knot at the Abello home in Bacolod.

Tell us how it started.
We grew up playing for the International Little League Association of the Philippines, a baseball and softball league, so we’ve known each other for a while, though I was closer to his sister who was my teammate. We only got to really know each other when it was time for my prom. His sister told me that Carlo wanted to take me, which he won’t admit to this day. He likes to tell me that I made the first move and that I asked him out first!

Carlo ended up being your first and last boyfriend.
We took a break for a year when I was studying in Spain, but we kept in touch while I was there. After I came home, we got back together. We kept getting separated, and we lived in different countries or cities for almost half our relationship, but we still kept gravitating toward each other. I think being apart strengthened our relationship. I didn’t want to end up with my first boyfriend. All my friends wanted to, except me, and I’m the only one who did. Life really likes to keep things exciting.

Were you surprised that Carlo proposed?
I knew that he was going to propose because we did talk about it, but I didn’t know it would be that soon. I’m very indecisive, even with the little things—where to eat, what to wear—but when Carlo asked me, I had no doubt.

What made you so sure you wanted to spend your life with him?
I knew I wanted to marry him because in the years we’ve been together, he has always put me first, before himself and before our relationship. He was the one who encouraged me to study abroad and also to take my dream job in Cebu, even if he knew it would be difficult on our relationship. I know he’s someone who will be right beside me through everything, giving me that extra push when things get tough.


Maria Katrina Lopez Abello weds Carlo Lorenzo Raymundo Banzon

Top: Chabeli Campa, Gabbi Abello, and Samantha Abello. Second row: Maia Abello, Erica Abello, and Tiffany Mathay. Bottom: Marianna Vargas, Maiki Abello Banzon, and Gianna Banzon

Samboy Salinda, Alex Tolome, Nikko Dizer, Carlo Banzon, Migi Zuluaga, Luigi Banzon, Radito Banzon, and Mikko Santos

Rafael and Nena Abello, Maiki and Carlo Banzon, and Connie and Oscar Lopez

Yvonne Climent, Myra Vergara, Angela Lopez, Bea Puno, Maiki and Carlo Banzon, Piki Lopez, Tonico Climent, Eric Puno, and Rene Banzon


This article was originally published in the June 2016 issue of Town&Country.

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