A Cross of Cultures for this Filipino-Thai Couple's Wedding

Monthida, a senior brand manager at Watch World Indonesia, and Jote, an entrepreneur, said their I do’s twice-in Manila and in Phuket.

Monthida Laowanapibal and Jonathan Derek Ang Te held two separate weddings in Manila and Phuket.

How did you two meet?

A common friend of ours (who became Jote’s best man) introduced us on Facebook back in October 2013. We started chatting for the next few months, and in December of that year, he decided to go to Jakarta to see me.

What were your first impressions of each other?

I thought it might be slightly awkward, though we had been connecting really well over our exchanges online even if we hadn’t met in person yet. Our connection was instant. I felt so comfortable around him and it was easy to be myself. It’s funny that even the bartender serving us on our first date asked how long we had been together.

You dated long distance for some time.

It was definitely a challenge, but we tried to make it as fun as possible. It helped that we both traveled quite frequently for work. Our goal was to meet at least once a month, usually over a weekend—either he’d fly to Jakarta or we’d meet somewhere in Asia.

Top row: Eleanor Tan Cheng, Ornanong Saensuk, Khakhanang Phasee, Jeffrine Kesuma, Monthida and Jote Te, Avinash Uttamchandani, Ramon Jorge, Jeffrey Brian Law, and Carlo Buenaflor; Bottom row: Angie Te Yu, Wendeline Te, Pearlchanok Sangsabthavee, Purechonnanee Sangsabthavee, David Basil Wuson, Jim Fuentebella, Brian Tycanong, and Andrei Aquino

How did Jote propose?

he took me and his family to Rock Bar at Ayana Resorts in Bali to catch the sunset. As we were enjoying the stunning view, he told me someone had sent him a strange message on Facebook that he wanted me to read. Panicking, I read through the message and realized he was going to propose. he then knelt down and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock and said yes as soon as I collected my nerves. My family walked in with sparklers in hand to surprise me as well—I guess he assumed I’d say yes!

Dalisay Palabyab and Mutya Palabyab with Raymond and Anna Rufino; Owen Anthony Te Yu

Tell us about your favorite moments from your two ceremonies.

It was nice to have people fly into Phuket from all over the world to be part of our special day. We loved listening to the speeches of our best man, maid of honor, and Jote’s sister. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! In Manila, True Faith, one of Jote’s favorite bands, came out to serenade us for our dance, and we invited all our friends to join us. That started off a great party that lasted throughout the night.

Preeya Laowanapibal, Monthida Laowanapibal Te, and Lusijana Tanu

Jonathan Te, Henry Te, Mariano Te, Edna Te, and Diana Tan


Standing: Cristalle Henares, Trixie Whyte, and Jote Te; Seated: Eileen Juan and Derek Gallimore

From left: Nicole Fandino, Laura Bertotto, Joanna Duarte, Juampi Bertotto, and Noye Fandino

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