45 Amazing Retro Wedding Moments

There are great dresses galore, and a few eyebrow-raising looks too.

Wedding trends come and go, making a look through the celebrations of yesteryear a delightful chance to see just how much things have changed. From polyester, bridesmaid dresses, to a daring groom who kissed a bridesmaid, here's a peek into the past that you won't soon forget.

Famous Face

Mary Tyler Moore chose a more subdued version of an on-trend '80s look: Gathered sleeves and a high lace neckline.

Lovely Lace

Here's the more dramatic take on the look in a circa-1989 wedding, with puffier sleeves that give a romantic, almost Victorian look to the gown.

Frothy Sleeves

Of course, statement sleeves were very present in '80s gowns. These frilly details at the shoulders of this 1988 wedding dress almost bring to mind the frothy-sleeved gowns often seen on the silver screen in the 1930s.

Married with the Band

Recognize the groom and the groomsmen in this photo? That's right, it's the wedding of Andy Taylor of Duran Duran. The look is a bit more classic British than their usual style during this time period.

'80s Traditional

Lace ruled formal gowns of the '80s, as seen in this 1985 wedding. The deep red dress on the left picks up the darker hues within the bouquets on either side of the aisle.

Country Romance

This lacy look proved popular into the '90s, like in this country English wedding from the era.

Stylish Bride

The always-chic Ines de la Fressange went for a new look for bridal fashion: the short dress. Yet, white gloves and a veil added a traditional touch to the ensemble.

Timeless Look


The simple neckline and full skirt on this 1997 bride would still be "in" in 2017.

'90s Chic

The low scoop-neck of this 1996 bride also feels a bit more timeless than other looks of the era. The carriage attendant's ensemble, though, is decidedly '90s.

Off-the-Shoulder Gown

The other reigning look for '90s brides was the off-the-shoulder gown, like in this 1994 wedding.

Statement Bridesmaid Dresses

The '70s were a bold decade, and nothing proves this more than the floral dresses (with matching bolero jackets) of these happy bridesmaids. Kind of puts those "You'll definitely wear it again!" dresses in the back of your closet to shame.

A Stunning Suit

Of course, the sartorial statements weren't limited to bridal parties. Here, a groom wears the of-the-moment suit trend of the time, a velvet suit.

Supersized Celebration

In a move that would go viral if tried in 2017, this happy decided to get married at McDonald's, floral arches and all. Why not?

Rainy Day Wedding

The weather doesn't cramp this couple's style as they leave the church. The bride also has another layer of protection for her 'do in the form of a lace hat.

Rolling to the Wedding

This very stylish couple goes for a festive and fun mode of transport to (or from?) their wedding—a bike! Note the floral decorations woven into the spokes, along with the very-French bridal ensemble.

Stylish Exit

This circa-1955 couple leaves the church to the well wishes of friends and family for a truly timeless send-off. The bride's full-skirted dress still looks adorable to modern eyes.

Unusual Entrance


During World War II, fuel shortages were common in occupied France. As a result, couples who had to travel to their wedding site had to get a little creative. This bride-and-groom hitched a ride on a pair of donkeys.

Carriage Ride

An elegant carriage takes carries this wedding party in style in 1926.

A Church Exit

Of course, the easiest way to leave one's wedding is by foot. This dapper couple exits the church wearing very au courant looks for 1930, like the bride's floral halo and layered dress.

Cheers to the Happy Couple

A just-married couple (circa 1941) raises a glass in celebration. Another on-trend bride for her time, she wears a very tailored dress complete with strong shoulders.

Dare to Bare

At this nudist colony wedding, the dress code was quite simple: Nothing at all, except for a few well-placed bouquets. That's one way to make things easier on guests.

Down-Home Celebration

Another creative take on traditional dress codes can be found at this very joyous occasion, where the bride and groom went with a strong Western theme. Our hats are off to them!

Here Comes the Bride

This circa-1950 bride goes traditional, complete with gloves and floor-length dresses for the bridal party. We still love those great shoes worn by the bride.

Fun Send-Off

An arch fashioned by bicycles is very appropriate for this couple. After all, the groom was a professional cyclist.

Bridesmaids in Satin

This society wedding was decidedly luxurious for its time (1938), with bridesmaids clad in very shiny satin in a simple silhouette that was in vogue at the time.

Ruffled Tux

It wouldn't be a '70s wedding without a guy wearing a ruffled shirt with his tux. The bride's look is a bit more timeless, with a floor-length gown and spray-style bouquet.


The Bride Wore Bells

Bell-style sleeves were another big trend for '70s brides, creating a dramatic silhouette. Here, we see another trend of gowns of this era: empire waists.

Modern Bride

However, some brides eschewed tradition altogether. This couple goes a bit more casual, with the bride wearing a printed minidress with a long white vest.

Pedicab Transport

Like the couple who rode to their wedding on donkeys, this Parisian couple in World War II France had to get creative with their transportation. Being in the city, they had another option: the pedicab.

Circle of Bridesmaids

This adorable bridal party wouldn't look out of place in a modern ceremony, from the simple strapless bridesmaids' gowns (worn with sheer capelets) to their fun fascinators.

Wedding in the Park

This lovely outdoor ceremony took place by a lake, an always-lovely place to tie the knot. We imagine that the bride's hat came in handy for shielding her face from the glare of the sun. (Chalk up another "pro" to wearing a wedding chapeau.)

Party on the Go

Here's another couple who didn't take their day seriously, but approached their ceremony with whimsy. They decided to tie the knot on roller skates at their favorite rink!


This stylish celebration was one for the ages: A double-wedding that took place at a dance hall. The bridesmaids and groomsmen couldn't have been happier for the lucky couples.

Wedding by Radio

The emerging technology of radios was all the rage in 1922, so much so that a couple decided to saw their vows over the airwaves. They weren't too far, though. Both were at (separate) radio stations in Dallas and were able to give each other a kiss immediately after the ceremony.


Counter-Culture Wedding

We would've loved to have been guests at this '70s wedding, where the bride wore a fantastic multi-colored sundress and the groom wore a tunic.

Underwater Nuptials

This couple took their love to a whole new level: underwater. These strong swimmers tied the knot in a ceremony fit for a mermaid.

Flare to Spare

Model Lindsey Rudland wears a high-necked gown to her wedding to Andrew Clewer, who took a more casual approach with flared jeans and coordinating platforms.

One Fine Day

"Always a bachelor, never a groom," might have been the mantra of 85-year-old veteran Charles Rance. That was until he met the lovely 78-year-old Anne Howells, who swept him off his feet and right into matrimony. Here they are, exiting their happy ceremony.

A Big Cake

This 1947 bride can't quite believe her eyes at the tiered cake in front of her. It was designed to feed 600 of her guests! (Our attention shifts to her very unusual hat, though.)

Breezy Bridesmaids

These delicately-layered dresses strike a lovely note for the festivities, especially when paired with bountiful blooms and hats made of a similarly dainty material. A couple of savvy bridesmaids thought ahead to possibly wardrobe malfunctions by wearing what appears to be tights.

A Dramatic Train

A fabulous bouquet is a finishing touch to this lavish lace dress worn by socialite Janet Morton on her wedding day. We just wish we could see what that garden looked like, in color.

A Festive Celebration

In this circa-1952 wedding, guests didn't have to go far to find a glass to raise in tribute to the happy couple—the festivities took place at a pub.

Wedding Surprise


A passionate kiss isn't out of place at a wedding, but note the parties in lip-lock: The groom... and a bridesmaid. Perhaps they had a good laugh about it?

Windswept Bride

In the 1960s, hairstyles were almost like architectural creations that were constructed to last. Note that a strong breeze threatens to steal this bride's veil, but her hair stays firmly in place. (Sidenote: We love her graceful boatneck wedding dress.)

A Big Exit

The classic cans-and-Just-Married-sign help sends off a couple to a happy life ahead of them.

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