Inside T&C Atelier: A Gathering About the Chic Qualities of a Fabulous Home

It was an afternoon filled with sumptuous food, laughter, fine company, and the finest things.

Fifty of our closest friends joined us for an afternoon at the Proscenium at Rockwell showroom for our second T&C Atelier earlier this week. Before the event, guests were treated to a brunch at The Glasshouse by Harlan + Holden with wine from Cloudy Bay.

The Atelier offered guests the opportunity to check out the Proscenium Residences showroom and browse through a curated showcase of fine furniture and home accessories from Kassa by Karen Santos, Garrison Rousseau, Elements Fine Furnishing Fabrics, and Signum Contemporary Objects. Guests are welcome to visit the showroom with these vignettes at Power Plant Mall till December 20.

During the event, guests enjoyed a spread of creative, delectable desserts by pastry chef Miko Aspiras and special coffee selections from Nespresso. It was an afternoon filled with sumptuous food, laughter, fine company, and the finest things. See all the photos from the day below.

The day began with a brunch at The Glasshouse by Harlan + Holden.

Bianca Brandner, Monique Albert Lopez, and Christina Brandner

Jovy Acuzar and Jam Acuzar

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Garrison Rousseau and Stephanie Frondoso

Trickie Lopa, Yvette Fernandez, Christina Brandner, and Monica Olondriz

Anne Marie Saguil and Yvette Fernandez

Katherine Cheng, Susiean Go, Vicky Delgado, Sabrina Uy, and Peep Sy

T&C Executive Editor Alicia Colby Sy, Anne Marie Saguil, Katty Qua, Steffi Chiongbian, and Candace Yulo


Brunch wouldn’t be complete without some fine wine.

Christina Brandner, Anne Marie Saguil, Monica Olondriz, and Marilu Batchelor

The scene at The Glasshouse by Harlan + Holden

T&C Editor-in-Chief Yvette Fernandez welcomes everyone

Monique Albert Lopez and Marielle Santos-Po

Katty Qua

Steffi Chiongbian, Candace Yulo, Katty Qua, and Marilu Batchelor

The Cloudy Bay wine paired perfectly with the dishes.

Mina Espeleta, Marielle Santos-Po, Macky Fah, Mitchelle Quiogue, Dean Santiago, Monique Albert Lopez, Chris Yam Daez, and T&C Managing Editor Nicole Limos Morales

Katherine Cheng, Sabrina Uy, Karen Santos, Ali Daza, Nicole Ortega, Garrison Rousseau, Susiean Go, and Peep Sy

Anne Marie Saguil, Jessica Puyat, Camille Samson, and Sarina Samson

Bianca Brandner, Monica Olondriz, Barbara Aboitiz, and Christina Brandner

T&C’s Paolo Chua and Yvette Fernandez with Jamie Yaw and Riza Torres

A mini-lesson on pairing wine with brunch was given by Moet Hennessy’s Trina Ching Ramos.

The event used the hashtag #TandCxProsceniumAtelier.

Root crop chips and a mezze platter as appetizers

After the arugula salad, bottarga pasta was served.

The first main course was pan seared fish with salsa verde.

Then it was time for the USDA Prime cowboy steak.


Celine Lopez, Vicky Delgado, Jackie Antonio, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Bottles of Cloudy Bay wine lined the bar counter.

Grace Barbers Baja

Jam Acuzar, Jovy Acuzar, and Eric Nubla

Afterward, guests headed to the Proscenium showroom at the Power Plant Mall.

Inside, guests enjoyed desserts by pastry chef Miko Aspiras.

Aspiras’ famous Basque burnt cheesecake

Nespresso’s newest offerings were available for guests to try.

A closer look at the dessert spread.

Rudolph’s Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Maiki Oreta

Celine Lopez and Camille Samson

Sabrina Uy, Grace Barbers Baja, and Katherine Cheng

Guests couldn’t help but take photos of the spread.

Celine Lopez, Jackie Antonio, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Macky Fah, and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Yvette Fernandez, Tess Maquera, Karen Santos, and Nicole Ortega

Monique Albert Lopez and Christina Brandner

Nespresso’s lattes were the perfect post-brunch pick-me-up.

The Proscenium showroom was filled with products from Elements Fine Furnishing Fabrics and Kassa by Karen Santos.

Many other pieces from Garrison Rousseau and Signum Contemporary Objects decorated the space.

A full look at the Proscenium model unit’s entrance.

One of the many vignettes.


Chris Yam Daez and Nicole Ortega

Vicky Delgado, Celine Lopez, Macky Fah, and Yvette Fernandez

Celine Lopez, Macky Fah, Chris Yam Daez, Monique Albert Lopez, and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

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