T&C Shows You How to Throw a Fabulous Afterparty

The afterparty shouldn't be an afterthought when planning a celebration.

Perhaps the cherry on top of any great get-together is the afterparty, which comes at the height of the night’s festivities when things aren’t quite winding down yet and it’s a bit too early to head home. Just like the main event, the best afterparty will have guests talking about a great time days after the occasion.

We break down its elements:

Hold it at an exclusive or secret venue.

Plan ahead and book that hip joint everyone’s jonesing to visit again. In the case of the Town&Country Dine Around a couple of nights ago, guests were ushered into the back room of a 7-Eleven branch to party at the very intimate Bank Bar. Another tip is to keep the bright lights at a minimum to set a relaxed and cozy mood. 

Provide your guests with a suitable form of transportation.

When the afterparty is set at an entirely different location from the night’s main event, you'd want your guests to have a convenient way to get there so they have no excuse to miss out. During the T&C Dine Around, VIP diners were transported from their respective dining spots to Bank Bar via chauffeured BMWs. You’d want to start the afterparty on a high, after all.

Let the cocktail list give your guests something to talk about.

Interesting drinks and good classic cocktails make great conversation starters. Apart from tried and tested favorites, the mixologists at Bank Bar served novel concoctions unique to the event, such as the Globe Cocktail, which is a truffle whiskey sour; the BMW Cocktail, a gin martini, and the Lavender & Cardamom Sipsmith & Tonic, which speaks for itself. Drinks are essential to keep a party going, and whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, serve as party fuel for the crowd, so make sure there is an abundant supply.


 Organize the documentation on social media with a hashtag.

Any social media savvy party-thrower will recommend this tip in an instant. Keep track of the buzz the event is creating through a hashtag, which you subtly display at the afterparty grounds. Check out more about the event here: #TandCFabDineAround and #TownAndCountryDineAround.  

Give guests a thank you present at the door.

The food supplies that usually lined the entryway to Bank Bar were replaced with boxes upon boxes of gigantic cookies from the Moplex for guests to take home. While the festivities had already ended, guests were still not over the chewy giveaways days after.

Have a great mix of people.

This trickles down from the variety of guests you've already invited to the main event so invite fun couples or groups of friends, artists, entertainers, and big names in different fields to make an interesting set. At the recently concluded Dine Around, the guest list consisted of groups of friends such as Sofia Elizalde, Nicole Menchaca, Fiona Ottiger, and Monica Olondriz who giggled in one corner, and couples such as Fred and Ina Ayala in another. There were representatives from the younger generation such as Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez and Christian Gonzales, and those coming from particular fields of interests, such as Trickie Lopa and Rachel Rillo. Lance and Jay Gokongwei, Maureen Disini and Daniel Teichert, Tim Yap and Javi Hernandez.

Sofia Elizalde, Marilu Batchelor, and Anne Marie Saguil

Marco Antonio, Jackie Cohen Antonio, Steph Kienle Gonzalez, and Christian Gonzalez

Maureen Disini Teichert, Daniel Teichert, Erica Concepcion Reyes, Francis Reyes, and Aga Muhlach

Melissa Paterno, Victor Paterno, and Trickie Lopa

Raymond Rufino, Anna Palabyab-Rufino, Tim Yap, and Vicki Delgado

Jayjay Puno, Dwight Lago, and Trina Alindogan

Rick Yupangco, Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez, Juana Yupangco, Stephanie Zubiri Crespi, Marco Rodriguez, and Jonathan Crespi

Berna Puyat, Happy Ongpauco Tiu, Eli Antonino, and Tara Santos

Terence Ong, Jay Gonkongwei, Vicki Delgado

Sunshine Puey, Tippi Tambunting, and Karla Mendoza

Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales; Daisy Chua and Edward Lim

Macky and Bernard Fah; Rica and James De Jesus

Martin de Guzman, Marion Branellec with Angelo Morada and Marianna Vargas

Alana Jorge, Emi Jorge, Nicole Whisenhunt, and Trisha Bermudez Calma

Orestes and Lori Juvida with Hetty and Paulino Que

Xavier Btesh and Celine Lopez; Jia Estrella and Yvonne Romualdez

Junjun and Margs Lopez; Sam Rodriguez and Mikko Tung

Andrej Wisniewski, Myrza Sison, Javier Oidas, and Alicia Colby Sy

Marion Branellec and Jessica Kienle Maxwell; Anna and Raymond Rufino

Danni Virata and Raphael Florescio; and Tara Santos and Lance Gokongwei

Maureen and Daniel Teichert; Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez and Juana Yupangco


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