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Talk of the Town: Remembering Kate Spade, Kris Aquino Vs. Mocha, Warriors Vs. Cavs

What people about Town have been buzzing about this week.

1. Designer Kate Spade, 55, is found dead in her apartment.

The fashion designer was found by her housekeeper, along with a note. Though it's still early in the investigation, the NYPD has stated there's evidence that points to death by suicide.

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2. Kris Aquino calls out Mocha Uson for “crossing a line.

In an attempt to justify the recent actions of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mocha Uson posted a video of two women kissing Benigno Aquino. Jr. right before his assassination. Kris Aquino went on Facebook Live to tell off Uson for disrespecting her parents and then challenged Uson to meet her “any time and anywhere.”

3. The Warriors and Cavaliers face-off again for the NBA Finals.

The Warriors are up by two games and Stephen Curry set a new record by shooting nine three-pointers on June 4. Despite the Cavaliers having the home court advantage for games 3 and 4, the odds are still stacked against them until the team gets it together. Game 3 will be held tomorrow, June 7. 

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4. Catch the 23rd French Film Festival from June 6 to June 12.

Watch new and classic French movies (and a small selection of Filipino ones) in Greenbelt 3, Bonifacio High Street Cinemas, and UP Town Center Cinemas. On se voit là-bas!


5. Whale dies in southern Thailand after eating plastic waste.

A team of veterinarians attempted to rescue the struggling animal but, sadly, it died after vomiting 5 plastic bags. Upon conducting an autopsy, eight kilograms of plastic (including 80 bags) was discovered in the whale’s stomach.

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6. Listen and mingle with global Filipino movers and shakers at the Time Is Now event.

If you’ll be in New York on June 9 and manage to get tickets, well, lucky you. Be inspired to by the stories of trailblazers and mentors like Tony Award-winning fashion designer Clint Ramos, TV news personalities Ernabel Demillo and Hazel Sanchez, restaurateur Nicole Ponseca, and Broadway actress Ali Ewoldt.

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7. Off-White is opening in Manila. 

While you can purchase some of their items from Univers by Homme et Femme, having a local Off-White store will make more collections and in-store exclusives available here. The store opens in August 2018. It will be the brand's 27th store in the world.

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