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The Hottest Tickets in Town, A Million and a Half Books, Filipino Reference in Black Panther

We have our invitations. Do you?
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This week’s Talk of the Town is a celebration of art and culture. Whether it’s a piece of artwork, a new book to read or to add to your library, or a subtle reference to your country’s ethnic group, culture is enriched and appreciated.  

Art Fair Philippines

Art Fair Philippines is the premier platform for exhibiting modern and contemporary Philippine art. While it will be open to the public from March 1 to 4 for an entrance fee of P350, the most coveted tickets in town right now are the by-invitation-only ones, of course. The VIP cards for the Collectors Preview and Vernissage on February 27 and 28 will allow art patrons and collectors first dibs on displayed works at over 50 galleries.

10 Days of Art

As in last year's program, Art Fair has tied up with various galleries, museums, and establishments for 10 Days of Art, a week-long celebration of art around the city. The events include public art displays, exhibition openings, tours, and restaurant tie-ups that begin on February 23 until March 4. 


Guided tours are provided for Philippine visual arts, which will take you to different museums at a time slot you will choose. 

  • Daily Guided Tours around Art Fair Philippines (March 1 to 4, 2018) - This hour-long tour shows you gallery exhibitions of commissioned projects of modern and contemporary Asian art. This is complimentary for Art Fair Philippine ticket holders. The tour can accommodate a maximum of twenty participants.

  • National Gallery of Art Tour (March 2 to 4, 2018) - The National Gallery of Art is located at the former Legislative Building, and home to the Senate of the Philippines until 1996. It is one of the three museums that comprise the National Museum of the Philippines. Historical pieces include propaganda artwork by Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, who created largest and second-largest paintings in the museum, respectively. Contemporary masterpieces by Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos V. Francisco and others are on exhibit.


  • Themed Tour: Mythical Figures and the Urban Landscape (March 3, 2018) - This 30-minute tour has a 20-person limit per time slot. Things to see in this tour are the Rodel Tapaya Exhibition and the Ayala Museum artefacts collection.


You may also sit in one of the lectures on contemporary art, comparative art, and artist talk on March 1, 2018 at the RoofDeck of The Link in Makati.

To purchase tickets, visit this site.

Big Bad Book Sale

The world’s biggest and most affordable book fair has debuted in the Philippines. The Big Bad Wolf book sale is open 24 hours a day at the World Trade Center in Pasay City until 11:59 PM on February 25.

What to Expect

The book fair is so large that it occupies the whole ground floor of the expansive World Trade Center or 20,000 square meters of floor space (two hectares!). There are 1.5 million books at the fair, with over 20,000 titles by classic and new authors. 

Book hunters are advised to bring wheeled luggage to transport their purchases home. Because of the 60 to 80 percent discount on the books, you can find books that originally cost P1,500 and purchase them for a mere P200. Concessionaires replenish their stocks every day.


Fiction titles range from graphic novels, literature, science fiction & fantasy, romance, crime, thriller and mystery, while non-fiction include books on art and design, travel, business and self-help, world events & biographies, health and wellness, reference books, cookery, design, language, and photography, among others. You can also find numerous children’s books at bargain prices. 

The first Big Bad Wolf book sale was held in 2009 at Dataran Hamodal, Selangor, Malaysia. It has since expanded to five countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, where it will be a regular event every year.

Black Panther Throws Reference to Filipino Culture


“Groundbreaking,” “Most dramatically complex,” and “Most ambitious movie yet” are some of the words used to describe Marvel’s latest blockbuster, which earned $218 million on its opening weekend in North America, putting it in fifth place in terms of the biggest earners in a movie’s opening week.


Amidst all the positive uproar about the movie and its unique cast of characters, many people will be thrilled to know that the movie also pays homage to Filipino culture. The Dora Milaje, an elite team of African warriors, had their costumes designed after African tribes AND a particular Filipino ethnic group.



One of Marvel’s senior visual development illustrators is Anthony Francisco, who used various Filipino tribal pieces as inspiration for the costumes. He revealed that growing up in the Philippines, tribal pieces such as tablerunners, necklaces, and decorative amulets were displayed around the family home.


The geometric patterns of the beading on the tabard on Okoye’s armor was in fact inspired by his aunt’s tablerunner. Gold rings on her thighs are inspired by amulets or anting-anting in the Philippines.


Anthony Francisco describes himself on his Instagram account as “best-known for designing one of Marvels cutest characters, Baby Groot! and Loki for Thor3, and the Dora Milaje for Black Panther film.”

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