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All 12 Boys From Thai Soccer Team Have Been Rescued From Cave

Thai Navy Seals have confirmed the news.

All 12 members of the Wild Boars—the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave whose predicament has fascinated the world—have been rescued, including their coach, thanks to the help of 19 divers. The last boy emerged from the cave at around 6 p.m. (Thailand time). 

The good weather held, allowing divers from to re-enter the winding Tham Luang cave complex. Starting from their operational center inside the cave, the team swam six hours to reach the boys, who have been trapped since powerful flooding caught them off guard while exploring the caves on June 24.

When being led out of the caves, the boys were wearing full face masks, according to CNN. This is likely due to one of the chief medical dangers facing the boys while trapped below ground: a lack of oxygen. Oxygen levels in the cave dropped to as low as 15 percent, far below the optimal range of 21 percent that people experience at sea level. All the rescued boys have been brought to area hospitals. 


Just a few days ago, the options for rescue seemed to be dwindling in the face of tough conditions in the cave and bad weather outside it. Rescue operations hit a low point when ex-Thai Navy SEAL Saman Kunan died during a flash flood after supplying the boys with oxygen tank. Kunan's death highlighted the extreme difficulties that rescuers faced as they worked to get the remaining survivors out.

In the last couple of days, however, the weather has proved favorable and the rescue teams have taken full advantage of the moment.

Source: CNN

From: Popular Mechanics

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