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In the wake of Celine's news about their soon-to-be-released perfume collection, we ask what makes the beauty world so attractive for brands to explore.
Earlier this week, French fashion house Celine teased its upcoming perfume collection, Haute Parfumerie. The news stirred much excitement within the beauty industry and Celine fans could barely hold still.One Instagram post reads, “The Celine Haute Parfumerie Collection recaptures Hedi Slimane's masculine-feminine stylistic ...
Bonnie's mom's health seems to be deteriorating, while Celeste continues to fight Mary Louise for custody.
In case Big Little Lies fans weren't anxious enough for Sunday night to arrive, HBO released a trailer for the show's season two finale—and it looks as dramatic as you'd expect.The clip begins with a voiceover from Celeste (Nicole Kidman). "The Monterey Five, whatever we ...
Apparently, snacks feature prominently in the conversation.
As if there weren't enough drama in Monterey, a new "scandal" of sorts has surfaced regarding the Big Little Lies group chat.This week on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Laura Dern, who plays the oh-so-quotable Renata on the popular HBO series, revealed that the show's ...
The show just wrapped filming earlier this month.
After months of rumors, Big Little Lies season two is officially happening (stream season 1 here). Here’s everything we know so far. Fair warning—spoilers ahead, if you haven't finished season 1:"There is a lot more of Bonnie in season two," the actress said in an ...