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Meet the Filipino genius who proved Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and helped expand humanity’s knowledge on Dark Energy, the force that accelerates the expansion of the universe.
Like many of us, Reina Reyes dreamt of becoming an astronaut when she was a child—she read pile upon pile of books, encyclopaedias, and magazines that made her feel like she was exploring the universe and its mysteries. “I devoured books; there ...
Caffeine or chamomile? Heels or flats? Limousine or sailboat? Lea Salonga, Leni Robredo, Dina Tantoco, Pinky Webb, and more #VeryTandC ladies tell us in this fun video.
Are you town or are you country?That was the final question we asked some of the fabulous guests who attended our Wonder Women Brunch.It was in the beautiful Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel where the most inspirational women of the country gathered ...
In a gathering of Manila's finest, T&C honored some of the Philippines' most inspiring Wonder Women at the Manila Hotel’s storied Champagne Room.
Within the halls of this 107-year-old hotel, many stories have taken place. Beneath the crystal palm trees and tasseled chandeliers of its Champagne Room, many guests have a special memory—a first date, an engagement, or another grand celebration—each reminiscent of the beauty of ...