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These effective low impact workouts will shed away the weight you've been meaning to lose.
We might have reached the first week of February, but some of us are still struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions alive. If your fitness goal is to lose a few pounds in the quickest and most fun way as you ...
When you just wanna to be lithe forever.
No true society doyenne ever admits she’s on a diet. That has been the case since the turn of the 20th century, when plumpness as a sign of privilege was traded in for a trim, toned figure (and the fashions to flatter ...
Erwan Heussaff talks about his incredible weight loss, memorable meals, and what's on his menu.
What’s the first thing you usually do when you wake up?I drink a big glass of water.And then you work out.Usually I run, bike, or swim, depending on the day.And with all that fabulous food that you’re exposed to for work, how ...
Having a food delivery service do the shopping, cooking, and calorie-counting will always be the easiest way to jumpstart a healthy diet. But the quality and taste of your meals are what will make you stick to it.
I once enrolled myself in a four-week diet meal delivery service—paid for in advance—and by the third day I was practically forcing myself to eat another dressing-drizzled lettuce meal (I can’t even call it a proper salad) for lunch. By day four, ...