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Consider these important factors in picking out the most flattering frock for you.
Upon trimming down the many wedding gown pegs you fell in love with online, do you constantly ask yourself if it truly suits you? The all-too-familiar solution for that is to "[figure] out what works for your shape," renowned local designer Francis ...
On his 20th anniversary, the fashion designer looks back at the gowns that hold a special place in his heart.
Few names are as revered as Francis Libiran’s when it comes to wedding gown designers. The fashion designer has contributed to the unspeakable joy of countless brides across the country by providing them with their dream wedding gowns—each one bespoke and fit ...
The embroidery included anchors and bumblebees—but she reportedly asked for helicopters and teddy bears.
Five years after Princess Diana married the future King of England in a fairytale wedding, Sarah Ferguson prepared to walk down the aisle with her own prince. The press anticipated a sartorial flop, prematurely lambasting Prince Andrew's fiancée in the weeks leading up the ceremony, but ...
But oddsmakers have another designer in the lead.
It's true—Meghan Markle has reportedly picked her wedding dress designer. Here’s everything we know about her gown so far.According to reporter Omid Mio Scobie and Us Weekly, fittings have already been taking place in Markle’s Nottingham Cottage home. "Sources tell me that Meghan Markle has ...
Just two years after the end of World War II, then-Princess Elizabeth had to pay for her gown using ration coupons.
When Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married in November of 1947, the wedding served as an escape from post-WWII austerity in the UK.Two years after the war was over, the British government was still recovering from the Blitz and rationing was in effect for ...
It consists of 10 different parts, including three special petticoats.
Decades before the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana wowed the world with their bridal fashion, American actress Grace Kelly set the standard for royal weddings in her 1956 marriage to Prince Rainer III of Monaco. The Oscar winner became a true princess that ...
She actually stained it right before walking down the aisle.
The exact moment Lady Diana Spencer stepped out of royal residence Clarence House on July 29, 1981, reporters everywhere ripped open sealed envelopes revealing the "most closely guarded secret in fashion history." The design and details of the future princess's wedding dress managed to remain ...
Red carpet looks have nothing on these glamorous gowns.
1981: PRINCESS DIANA OF WALESLet's start with one of the most elegant brides of all time: Princess Diana. At just 20 years old, she married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, and wore a dress reportedly worth $12,000 (approximately $31,000 in 2016). ...