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The royal couple married one year ago today.
May 19 marked one full year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding—and to celebrate, the couple has shared stunning new photos with their fans.The video slideshow features several behind-the-scenes snaps from the ceremony. Prince Harry and Prince William share a laugh; ...
The couple celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in the bushes and salt pans of Botswana.
For their seventh wedding anniversary, Christian Gonzalez and Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez made sure to keep their spirit of adventure alive with another African safari.This time, they went to Botswana, a first for the frequent travelers. The couple made the most of their August holidays ...
Only The Queen can give a gift this grand.
What kind of anniversary gift does one give to a Prince? If you're the Queen of England, a knighthood. In honor of their platinum anniversary, Queen Elizabeth has made her husband, Prince Philip, a knight.According to People, Philip was awarded the Knight Grand ...
The royal couple has been married for 70 years.
In honor of their 70th anniversary on Monday, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh have released a series of new official portraits.According to the royal family's Twitter account, the first photo shows the Queen and His Royal Highness "framed by Thomas Gainsborough's ...
The royal couple has been married for nearly 70 years.
Next month, Queen Elizabeth will reach a milestone that no other member of the British royal family ever has: Her platinum wedding anniversary.On November 20, she and Prince Philip will have been married for a remarkable 70 years. But instead of an opulent public ...