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Watch the stars of Downton Abbey reveal the plot of the new movie in American accents.
One of the many reasons we love watching Downton Abbey is hearing the British accents.So when the stars of the new film, Michelle Dockery (who plays Lady Mary), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith), and Allen Leech (Tom Branson), try their hand at describing the movie's plot, in ...
Back then, Igorot men wore topcoats with their bahag.
Most of us can only imagine what life was like in 1940s Philippines, but this video clip actually gives a glimpse of the country pre-WWII. The clip, which is a little over six and a half minutes long, was taken from an ...
The royal title doesn't come with cooking cred.
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, says she'll be an "excellent" grandmother, but this 1999 clip from Oprah suggests she might be more of the "cool shopping trip" grandmother than the "homemade baked goods" sort.In the video, Ferguson, better known to the public as "Fergie," joins Oprah in a ...
Tourists really should stay in their lane.
A tourist learned her lesson recently when she got in the way of a Queen's Guard performing his official duties at Windsor Castle on Sunday.The video below shows the tourist standing on the wrong side of a rope that seems to designate ...
See how a royal footman must travel to deliver food for royal events.
Buckingham Palace is getting a facelift. The Queen's residence, which was originally built in 1703, is undergoing a 10-year, $482-million renovation that was first announced in 2016. Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew (and their families) all have to move out of ...
Get your art fix in one afternoon at Karrivin Plaza in Makati.
Three years ago, Karrivin Plaza along Don Chino Roces Extension Avenue was a warren of small office spaces, empty warehouses, and banks. But given a second life, the compound was resurrected into a trendy spot for those in search of the unique.Another major ...
By sharing his story of survival, he hopes to impart the message that those who are suffering from mental illness are not alone.
The stigma relating to mental illness prevents millions of people around the world from speaking out and seeking treatment. And even though the awareness of mental health is slowly improving in the country, there’s still much to be done.One way of continuing ...
The video is going viral for its unique angle.
In honor of International Woman's Day on March 8, the prefects of Sydney Boys High School in Sydney, Australia, made a video in which they asked the women in their lives why feminism was important to them, and then recited their answers ...