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If this slate of newcomers and returning favorites is any indication, we still haven't reached the peak of TV.
Aided by a growing cadre of tech-entertainment hybrids, Hollywood is pumping out more content than ever. Most of that growth is in television, which after decades as the big screen's neglected younger sibling, is finally getting its turn in the spotlight.Don't expect ...
Victoria's season three ends in a cliffhanger regarding Prince Albert's health, but here's the true story of his passing.
The specter of Prince Albert's death has hovered over Victoria from the very beginning. Its looming presence has grown steadily throughout the show and at last became unavoidable with the royal's dramatic collapse serving as a cliffhanger for the finale of season three.While Albert was ...
By modern standards, these are quite tame, but they caused outrage during the mid-1800s.
Tensions are running high in the royal household on this season of Victoria, and an invasion of privacy certainly doesn't help matters. In "A Coburg Quartet," Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are horrified to find out that private etchings of their family have been ...
An episode of Victoria shows the two women meeting during a cholera outbreak in London, but what's the real story?
The latest episode of Victoria on Masterpiece PBS shows the British monarch meeting a legend of modern medicine, Florence Nightingale, as a cholera epidemic rages on in London. In reality, their introduction didn't play out exactly how it's depicted on screen. Here's the real story.The ...
This week on Victoria, the royals head to the Isle of Wight. Here's what their home there was really like.
Tonight's episode of Victoria on Masterpiece PBS takes us to Osborne House, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's seaside home on the Isle of Wight. But it was more than just a royal residence. It was a home that had significant meaning for the couple."It is ...
The TV show Victoria paints her as the Queen's ambitious rival—but is that the real story?
We're only one episode into the new season of Victoria, and the show has already presented Princess Feodora, Queen Victoria's half-sister, as a possible villain.There is some historical fact to back up the storyline. Victoria did indeed have a half-sister named Feodora, and they grew ...
A new trailer offers a sneak peek of the drama to come.
It's possible we might be living in the golden age of period dramas. Sure, Mad Men and Downton Abbey are over, but between Poldark, Versailles, Outlander, and Call the Midwifethere are enough historic, beautifully costumed shows to fill your DVR for months to come.Among our favorites is Victoria, on Masterpiece PBS.Starring ...
The transformations are pretty incredible.
The much anticipated new royal television series Victoria is set to fill the void left by The Crown. Take a look at how the cast matches up with their royal counterparts—and what they look like when they're not in character.Jenna Coleman as ...
Warning: You could get addicted
1. The CrownReportedly Netflix’s most expensive series produced so far, The Crown tackles Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. What keeps audiences so transfixed on this show is that we get a glimpse of the private life and past of the monarch we now ...