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Yeah, you're definitely not supposed to do that.
Just a dame and a knight, casually wreaking havoc in Buckingham Palace.That's the picture Ian McKellen painted recently on the Graham Norton Show when he confessed that he and Judi Dench weren't on their best behavior during one "very posh occasion" at the Palace.The pair were attending a ...
It all had to do with her self tanner.
It's hard to imagine anyone other than Vanessa Kirby playing a young Princess Margaret in seasons one and two of The Crown. She captured the rebellious, heartbroken royal in an incredible performance, but she almost lost the role because of a self-tanning incident.In an appearance on ...
The pair is set to be in the next Mission Impossible installment together.
You're not the only one smitten by Vanessa Kirby’s acting on The Crown. The 28-year-old actress has apparently caught the eye of actor Tom Cruise, who was so impressed by her performance as Princess Margaret on the acclaimed Netflix series that he had ...