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We're officially on board with the "backpacks for adults" trend.
If you're stuck on the idea that backpacks are only meant for schoolchildren, it's time to reconsider. Purses, totes, and fanny packs are great—but there's something especially enticing about the fashion backpack. Perhaps it's the nostalgia that comes along with wearing one; or maybe ...
In a style climate dominated by attention-grabbing influencers, some designers are making the case for clothes that—gasp—people actually want to wear.
From 10,000 feet away or 10 yards, fashion at the moment is preoccupied with escapist wishes and streetwear dreams. It can feel like a stylistic binary, catering only to Alessandro Michele’s maximalists at Gucci or Virgil Abloh’s hypebeasts at Off-White (and Louis Vuitton men’s). Is ...
Your guide to this ever-changing industry.
Slimane? Gvasalia? Wang? It is said that artistic directors at luxury fashion houses are in a perpetual game of “musical chairs” with designers hopping from one brand to another. It can get a tad bit confusing, and we totally get you! If you’re ...
If you only saw the clothes, you missed Couture's main event.
While most of us were sizing up this year's slate of Couture shows, debating the merits of Viktor and Rolf's clothing-as-meme and Chanel's aquatic bride, we may have missed the point. And we never would have known, were it not for Céline Dion.Dion was seated ...
From major comebacks to the unique and eye-catching, here's a list of the year's most stylish luxury bags that we think will stand the test of time.
There’s never a shortage of brand new bag releases in the fashion industry. To help you choose out of the many, we’ve compiled the best of this year as well as what we think may become classics in the long run.Christian Dior ...
Camera-style bags are the season's hottest accessories.
Small bags are still the trend. The fashion industry’s newest favorite accessory measures less than a foot. A classic silhouette, the small camera sling bag may seem impractical at first, but upon closer inspection, it can fit quite a lot for night ...