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Rajo Laurel, Rhett Eala, Len Cabili, Anne Marie Saguil, Zarah Juan, Marga Nograles, Paloma Zobel, and Ito Curata come together for culture and for charity.
The Filipino fashion scene is ever-expanding, ever-evolving. We’ve seen local designers shine within the confines of our country, designers who have flown abroad to represent the Philippines, and young designers who have crafted a niche of fresh and tasteful fashion. Such talents have ...
Beyond anything she had accomplished, Audrey Hepburn considered her humanitarian efforts as the greatest work of her career.
She was a superstar and fashion icon, but for Audrey Hepburn, these are all immaterial compared to discovering her true calling as a humanitarian worker.Here are some facts about Hepburn’s life as a humanitarian that may surprise you.Born in 1929 in Belgium, ...
The actress matched funds donated by supporters when she ran the London marathon.
Anne Curtis has announced she raised P507,249 from supporters when she ran the London Marathon on April 23. The celebrity advocate for UNICEF Philippines says she will match those funds, leading to a grand total of P1,014,498, which the actress says she ...
The first ever UNICEF Philippines Children's Ball aimed to raise funds for four National Centers for Children with Disabilities.
Around 5.1 million Filipino children are living with disabilities, according to UNICEF. Given this alarming growing number, the organization seeks to raise awareness and raise funds for the establishment of four National Centers for Children with Disabilities spread across the Philippines. The project begins with ...
Town&Country and BMW join UNICEF Philippines for a day at the children's wards at Philippine General Hospital.
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has long been changing the lives of underprivileged children around the world. This month, together with Lego-LAJ Marketing Philippines, UNICEF will hold the inaugural UNICEF Philippines Children’s Charity ball, which will help raise funds to build ...
Our very own Margarita Forés is among the renowned chefs.
Today we live in a world with technological advances that were once just dreams—high-efficiency solar panels, self-driving cars, and even robots that teach other robots. It’s an interesting time to be living in. However, as the world spins on, there are issues ...