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Meet the top players in social mountaineering.
The oldest game in the world is climbing. It is the nature of man to improve his lot in life, and so will do his or her best to get ahead. For the most ambitious, the goal is to reach the tippy ...
Exciting times ahead.
Curious minds want to know what a regular day is like for the Truly Rich Lady. Well, it might surprise you to find out that my days are not wildly different from yours. I, Si-si Coo, work on my career, my body, ...
The diary entries of C.C. Coo after attending the VVIP reception.
Very, very few occasions compel the Truly Rich Lady to break her self-imposed exile, slip her rickety bones into something uncomfortable, and bless the world with her dragon presence.Among these are the funeral of a Truly Rich Ancestor (to ascertain the flow ...
C.C. Coo asks her Truly Rich Friends.
Dear Readers,I would just like to remind everyone that I am no relationship expert, and yet you still keep asking me what to do about your hearts? (Maybe see a doctor.) In particular, curious minds want to know, where do broken hearts ...
Is it really such a big deal?
Have I told you about that time when I, the Truly Rich Lady, totally forgot about that special day for people in love? Not yet? Well, it happened.I forgot about Valentine’s Day, and my slip of the mind led to the release ...
C.C. Coo is descended from Chinese forebears, but she is also so much more.
I consider myself a multi-racial butterfly, a mysterious mix of peoples and cultures that are also, by the way, Truly Rich. But most definitely I am of Chinese descent and most certainly my life is colored by Chinese culture and customs.I bring ...
The do's and don'ts of using the T word.
Riddle me this: What do you call a Truly Rich Lady whom you have just met and maybe, because of your blurry vision, appears older than you? Do you call her the T word? A tita?Please don’t.I don’t know how it started ...
What good is the freedom that money offers if you don’t know how to relax?
So maybe a Truly Rich Lady has reached that point where she is super stinky rich, which really should free her from the indignity of having to wake up at the screeching of an alarm clock. And yet she still feels the ...
A look into the things that sparked joy and the things she thanked and threw out.
I am still trying to figure out how I feel about pocket-sized, tidying-up queen Marie Kondo.Am I enamored of her girlish charm? Or do I find her brand of niceness boring?Do I feel that full-body tingle when I hold an overwrought Lladro ...
Can shortcuts help you make the cut?
My Truly Rich Friends, especially the old ones, will not be happy to know that I am sharing these shortcuts to success with you, my Not So Rich readers. But I see myself as Queen of the People, and so to the ordinary ...
"Some I adore, others I like, and a few I don’t really need—but what matters most is that I was remembered by the people I love."
My Truly Rich Sister is very obsessive about folding paper, so the detritus of Christmas (the mess of wrappers, ribbons, and sticky tape) has been cleared away and the only thing that remains is the bounty of stuff.I’ve only surveyed my stash ...
I, too, just like the rest of the country, clapped like a seal and let out a yelp when Steve Harvey announced Miss Philippines as the winner, says the Truly Rich Lady.
Would you like to send a message or ask the Truly Rich Lady a question? E-mail her at [email protected] have only been a handful of times when I've witnessed such a climactic expression of emotion within the halls of the Coo House.The ...