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The things we hold dearest in the Truly Rich World are now taking a backseat to softer values such as mindfulness, flexibility, passion, inner peace, and rest.
According to a survey done by the household help of my Truly Rich Neighbor, workers want more of this thing called balance: “Ma’am, we want to go on vacation because we are tired. Thank you, Ma’am. Come again.” According to my Truly Rich ...
In celebration of Mother's Day, the Truly Rich Lady answers all concerns related to our readers' relationships with mummy.
Dear Truly Rich Lady,Are flowers still a good idea for Mother’s Day? Or are they passé? If they are okay, suggestions, please.Florally YoursDear FY,Flowers, like diamonds, will forever be fashionable as gifts for mothers, wives, girlfriends, and daughters. But since they are ...
Are you mad or sad? This is fine. Other people strongly advice acknowledging your feelings in full.
Dear Truly Rich Lady:My ex is getting married next week. These are the things that I am feeling: I am shocked to find out that he has found someone else to finally settle down with and I am little disappointed that I ...
Perception is hard to shake off, especially when you are bombarded with images of the mestiza, the chinita, the East Asian, and the Caucasian.
Hello, people of the world, fellow Truly Rich Ladies and other beings who have to work! I am writing this from a secret summer place, and I feel like I am shouting. AM I SHOUTING? I FEEL LIKE I AM. BECAUSE I ...
'To the Higher Power I pray because I know I have committed, in fact, the seven most serious. I am truly rich, but I am also human.'
No, no, no—I am not on a secret island somewhere in the Atlantic right now. I am not sipping a tall tumbler of watermelon sangria, while silently booing the taut bodies of 20-somethings. I am not doing all those things because it ...
"They are the wind beneath my wings," says the Truly Rich Lady.
The airline minder directs me toward the back of the plane into the pit of people crammed like worms in plastic pods. “Ma'am, you are here in economy. Enjoy your flight,” she tells me. I find myself being pushed down into the ...
How to deploy the power of saying goodbye or, really, just saying no.
V, a young professional seeking to become like me, a Truly Rich Lady, is contemplating leaving her post as a junior something in a small company, and she wants to know how to do it properly.Now, resigning is tricky stuff. You will ...
Is human interaction the new status symbol?
I could not help but giggle when my Just Rich Friend sent me a link to a New York Times story proclaiming human touch as a form of luxury ("The rich have grown afraid of screens. They want their children to play with ...
Meet the New New Money, the God, the East Rich, and more.
If we are sticking to the very old and very traditional definition of the Truly Rich, then there are no Truly Rich people in these fair islands our ours. The Old Rich come from the Old World, as in they are the ...
Meet the top players in social mountaineering.
The oldest game in the world is climbing. It is the nature of man to improve his lot in life, and so will do his or her best to get ahead. For the most ambitious, the goal is to reach the tippy ...
Exciting times ahead.
Curious minds want to know what a regular day is like for the Truly Rich Lady. Well, it might surprise you to find out that my days are not wildly different from yours. I, Si-si Coo, work on my career, my body, ...
The diary entries of C.C. Coo after attending the VVIP reception.
Very, very few occasions compel the Truly Rich Lady to break her self-imposed exile, slip her rickety bones into something uncomfortable, and bless the world with her dragon presence.Among these are the funeral of a Truly Rich Ancestor (to ascertain the flow ...