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That’s from P3.5 billion per day in 2017.
The government’s Build, Build, Build program won’t just benefit motorists and commuters. The Philippine economy, as a whole, stands to gain a whole lot, too.According to the country’s National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the government’s infrastructure push is expected to drastically cut Metro ...
From private planes to helicopters, motorbikes, and custom-made cars, here's how the British monarch's family gets from place to place.
It’s no surprise that members of the British royal family are among the world’s most well-traveled individuals.They frequently jet overseas on official business, and are also no strangers to holidaying in far-flung—and, of course, secluded—destinations. Sometimes, this is by private plane, but the Queen's ...
It's basically Kensington Palace on wheels.
There's a reason the royal train is described as Buckingham Palace on wheels. After all, it was designed back in 1842 in the era of Queen Victoria to serve as a royal residence when members of the family were away on tour. For almost two centuries, ...
It has a new feature that answers the need to "request for a guest."
At one point you've probably had driver problems.You've had to deal with worrying about how to have your child picked up from school, how a foreign friend would get to his hotel from the airport, or how to get your mother to ...
It's a classic way to travel that's fast disappearing, so book while you still can.
The advantages of traveling by Europe's network of overnight sleeper trains are myriad. You awake in the center of your destination, not some distant, airport, an $80-cab-fare away. You save on a hotel room. And let's not forget the atmosphere and the ...