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The panoramic windows make sure you capture every magical snowflake.
Conjure a mental image of Switzerland, and what do you see? Snowy peaks with skiiers shushing ever downwards, for sure, and sweet little villages laid like blankets among them, plus bubbling fondue pots and piles of fine chocolate bars — and perhaps ...
The luxury passenger train just announced four new vacation packages for 2019.
Some good things come in moving packages—like the Rocky Mountaineer train's new travel bundles. This privately owned luxury tourist train is the largest in the world and has just added four new trips across Canada to its list of 2019 vacation offerings. If you love the idea of ...
The TRAIN law adds 6 pesos or 12 pesos per liter on sweetened beverages.
Among the most important provisions of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, which took effect January 1, are taxes on sweetened beverages. Section 47 of Republic Act No. 10963 levies a tax of P6 per liter on sweetened beverages ...
Cars currently costing P2 million or more may see future prices fall, says an economics policy studies group.
When the Department of Finance first released its early proposals for comprehensive tax reforms earlier this year, many in the automotive industry were fearful the proposed excise taxes on motor vehicles may dampen demand for automobiles, especially luxury cars. The DOF proposals, ...
Find your approximate monthly salary and your monthly income tax.
The tax reform bill signed into law by President Duterte this week affects Filipinos in two ways: First, it significantly slashes taxes across all income brackets, and second, it increases taxes on various goods and services. The following are simplified summaries of ...
President Duterte just needs to sign the bill and it will take effect 15 days later.
With the ratification of the reconciled version of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) bill by the two houses of Congress on Dec. 13, the government moves closer to its promise to sharply lower personal income taxes next year. The ...
It's basically Kensington Palace on wheels.
There's a reason the royal train is described as Buckingham Palace on wheels. After all, it was designed back in 1842 in the era of Queen Victoria to serve as a royal residence when members of the family were away on tour. For almost two centuries, ...
The new tax is pretty steep.
Beauty comes with a price, we always hear, and its price in the Philippines just got a little steeper. The senate has filed a bill to reform the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion that includes excising an additional 20 percent of taxes on ...