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Who says only the Chinese believe in money superstitions?
Ghost Month is upon us, and those observing Chinese traditions have a long list of things they don’t plan on doing beginning August 1 to 29—from opening a business to buying a house to starting a new job.This four-week period is the ...
Like so many British royal traditions, this one goes all the way back to Queen Victoria.
When Archie Harrison is christened this weekend, he will almost certainly wear the same gown that her big sister Mia and her cousins George, Charlotte, and Louis wore to their baptisms. But of course since this dress belongs to the British royal family, ...
It's just one of many traditions popularized by the 19th-century royals.
Before you discount the Victorian era for its notoriously prudish etiquette and over-the-top bustle skirts (truly the ultimate bump-its), you'd be wise to read up on all of the cultural traditions cemented during Queen Victoria's reign. After all, were it not for the ...
We trace the origins of this tradition.
All over the country on All Saints' Day, cemeteries come aglow with the soft, warm flames of thousands of candles. It is a welcoming and beautiful sight.The tradition of lighting candles for religious reasons dates back thousands of years before the existence ...
Enjoy overflowing servings of the shellfish specially flown in from Scandinavia for Sofitel Philippine Plaza's Crayfish Party.
Not quite a lobster, but not a shrimp, a crayfish is somewhere in between. These mudbugs, as they are sometimes called, are sourced from freshwater, boiled in saltwater, seasoned with dill, and served chilled.Filipinos seldom get to savor crayfish meat, or crawfish, ...
Not everyone goes hunting for eggs on Easter Sunday.
Kids in the U.S. grow up expecting a delivery of eggs and candy from the Easter bunny each year, but it may seem odd to an outsider. Brought to the country by German immigrants in the 1700s, the practice is rooted in ...
The Brits do it bigger, and possibly better.
Assuming you didn’t figure this out the first time you watched Four Weddings and a Funeral (note: if you haven't seen this '90s classic, watch it immediately), the British wedding experience isn’t quite what Americans are used to. Some traditions are more boisterous and boozy; others ...
The royals celebrate Christmas eve with an afternoon tea.
Now that Meghan Markle's a future duchess, her holidays are about to get way more regal too. The royal fiancée's Christmas plans haven't been confirmed yet, but some experts predict she'll break protocol and join in on the Queen's festivities this year."Now they are engaged ...
Should requests for gifts of cash appear on the wedding invitation?
Here are four wedding traditions that are still worth upholding.Thoughtfully registering for presentsMany say that signing up for a wedding registry is one of the few pre-wedding tasks the groom will enjoy as much as the bride. With the more creative alternatives that are ...