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Get your go-bag ready, stat!
We've been warned about "The Big One." It's been in the back of everyone's mind, but lately, the increase in earthquakes has been pretty alarming. While we can't keep it from happening, we, at least, need to be prepared for anything, which ...
Ever wondered why the Philippine passport switched from a green color to maroon?
Passports are a way to convey a country’s national identity. In fact, the color of a passport cover is in itself indicative of its origin country’s characteristics. And while each country is given complete freedom in choosing a passport color, the decision ...
Because travel and style have always gone hand in hand.
Luggage has certainly evolved over the years. First, there was the steamer trunk which eventually gave way to the suitcase, all leading to today's smart luggage. Arranged alphabetically from Away to Valextra, these are the top luggage brands that have been trusted ...
Embrace the bustle of the markets before returning to a serene Moroccan retreat
From treasure-packed markets that hum with life to the labyrinthine-like Medina, Marrakech is bursting at the seams with action and energy. This is a city where the present merges with the past, where Europe, Africa, and the Middle East meet. With its ...
The Christina O, once owned by Aristotle Onassis and his wife, is available for charter.
Sun-seeking travelers can channel 1960s glamour and enchantment at sea this summer by chartering one of Valef Yachts’ most legendary liners, the Christina O.In honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary, Valef has announced that the completely refurbished luxury vessel—famously owned by Aristotle Onassis ...
This is what your mom wants to read this year.
Moms: they really do it all. From getting their little ones up in the morning to tucking them in at night, mothers are there every step of the way. This year, skip the Hallmark-style platitudes and thank your mom with a truly ...
You deserve it.
Once in a while, we can't help but splurge our mid-year bonuses (or even part of our savings) on a relaxing vacation. You know you deserve it—after all, you just finished a big project at work and you're still trying to recover ...
Because good table manners are a must.
The basics of proper eating are common knowledge. Everyone knows that you work your way from the outside to the inside (nearest to your plate) when selecting cutlery for each course. But there's certainly a lot more to formal dining than just ...
Don't leave without trying at least one of these iconic dining establishments.
The dynamic city of Singapore is a commercial hub that's seen many fine establishments come and go. This makes it a challenge for chefs and restaurateurs to up their game and explore the new and the bold. If you ever find yourself ...
The style icon's photos are chockful of useful tips to looking elegant.
Audrey Hepburn's fashion style is timeless. In both her life and her films, the style icon always looked impeccable while embodying beauty, grace, and a certain kind of elegance. In fact, she's been the source of inspiration for one of the most ...
And your bath sheets might be a scam.
First went the cloth napkins, flung aside in favor of paper towels. Next, came the tangle over abandoning top sheets. Now, the confusion over basic housekeeping etiquette has migrated to the bathroom towel rack—and it’s clear that these days, when it comes to ...
Don’t let this luxe wedding style intimidate you.
Known as one of the most formal types of wedding attire, black-tie weddings are as elegant as they are opulent. If you’re looking to throw a black-tie affair, we suggest knowing just how to make your day stand out and impress. We’ve ...