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While Raymund Magdaluyo and Marvin Agustin may be relative newcomers to the local steakhouse scene, this is definitely not their first rodeo.
Marvin Agustin’s smile and Raymund Magdaluyo’s enthusiasm could sell anything to anyone at least once, but after a decade and a half in the food business, and with a roster of successful restaurants under each of their belts, this duo has proven ...
The Podium's new curated farmer's market-inspired food hall offers a fresh perspective to Manila dining.
It's been four years since we've been introduced to the concept of a food hall, but it seems that we're only now just moving on from the usual fast food-based food courts and its scruffier cousin, food parks, to this type of culinary environment.The ...
The Podium takes a select few out to dinner at Nikkei, Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Paradise Dynasty, Nono's and Las Flores. Here's everything our VIP diners enjoyed.
Abuzz with new restaurant launches and store openings, The Podium has been the talk of the town as an exciting dining and shopping destination lately. The SM subsidiary’s remodeling last year brought new life to the mall, and this included game-changing additions to ...