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All the more reason for going on a food trip.
These days, food halls are giving customers more reasons to eat out. Unlike generic food courts of the past, the newer food halls in Metro Manila offer more than just food. The Grid at the Powerplant Mall, which opened in July 2018, ...
You also have to try the Chover.
Local chocolate is having a moment right now: Aside from homegrown chocolate brands winning awards, getting a bar of your favorite local chocolate is becoming easier than ever. Bazaar-darling Risa Chocolates has always been available in a lot of stores that showcase ...
Josh Boutwood's highly anticipated fine-dining, tasting-menu-only restaurant is set to stun in an intimate new space starting August 21.
Most talented chefs are chameleons of sorts. While they may be recognized for their expertise in a particular cuisine or lauded for their defined style of cooking, it is their ability to translate and adapt their honed technique from one culinary effort ...
What people have been buzzing about this week.
The Facebook founder surpassed Warren Buffett and has joined fellow tech moguls at the top, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Bill Gates (Microsoft). According to Bloomberg, Zuckerberg’s net worth hit $81.6 billion last Friday. Buffett’s net worth has allegedly gone down due to his ...
We can't wait for Power Plant Mall's new food hall!
Power Plant Mall has opened a new wing, and they're giving you many new reasons to drop by, latest of which, is The Grid. The new food hall is set to open on Thursday, July 5*, and they've already got quite the ...