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Long rectangular tables are dominating the dinner party circuit—and your feed. Is that a good thing?
For years, the go-to table for a dinner party was round—they're cozy, congenial and no one is left at the end. But lately, if Instagram is any indication, it seems as though the round table has been, well, taken off the guest ...
The collection is encased in an egg-shaped container that doubles as a decorative piece.
“A perfect table setting reflects your taste. It really depends on your mood,” says Valerie Debray-Louis Cobb, Asia Pacific managing director of Christofle, the French silverware brand, “which is why we called [the collection] MOOD.”All 24 pieces of fine flatware are encased in ...
Sisters Cynthia and Ivy Almario, first ladies of Philippine interior design, discuss their favorite coffee tables.
1. Anemos by CappelliniDesigned by Antonio Facco, this monolithic table opens up to reveal four retractable seats with curved padded frames. We love the hybrid and the idea of multi-function furniture. Studio Dimensione, One Parkade, Bonifacio Global City, 856.6756.2. Sullivan by MinottiThis ...