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Outsmart nature’s mood swings with these tricks to transitional dressing.
The only thing more fickle than fashion is the weather. In a season when it’s scorching hot one minute then torrential the next, every day can be a sartorial adventure. With summer on its last glorious leg, and the rainy monsoon season ...
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Hands up if you literally can't make it three feet in a dress without the wind blowing your skirt up to reveal your underwear? Same. But apparently Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton don't have that problem thanks to a super-smart fashion trick that the ...
Are flats acceptable at a formal event?
1. If you must, you may wear flats to a formal event.While dress codes dictate that you must wear heels to an event, there’s nothing more unsightly than a woman wearing shoes she can’t walk in and it would be painful to ...