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Yes, that would be the first U.S. president's sword in Robert De Niro's hands.
A large part of the appeal of George magazine—a short-lived political publication in America lead by John F. Kennedy, Jr.—was its covers. George could be counted on to dress up the day's biggest stars as Susan B. Anthony, Marilyn Monroe, and yes, George Washington.One particularly memorable cover ...
John was reportedly a devoted boss at the political magazine—but he still made some time for wedding planning.
John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, died in a plane crash 20 years ago this summer. They left behind a storied legacy—a big part of which was George, a magazine that remade the rules for political publications.To commemorate the two-decade anniversary of ...
Plus, that time John asked Madonna to dress as Jackie on the cover.
This July will mark 20 years since John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, died in a plane crash. There's a lot to remember about the couple—and high on that list is John's work with George magazine. The publication upended the political publishing ...
If being fashionable is a crime, then lock her up.
Anna Sorokin—better known as her alter ego, Anna Delvey—captured the internet's attention last year, encircling the faux heiress in a mix of fascination, hate, and begrudging admiration. For years, Sorokin allegedly conned herself into New York City's elite social circles, swindling the ...
Elena Comendador and Elizabeth Roxas Dobrish take the reins as costume designer and choreographer, respectively.
Two young girls balance themselves on elevated beams, while a third swirls around them as romantic Spanish music swells in the background. All three dancers are engulfed in a white, floor-length fabric, muslin we later learn, and through their movements, the costumes ...
Hoor al Qasimi wasn't just skipping school, she was building the Sharjah Biennial.
Hoor al Qasimi didn’t start off wanting to run an arts organization. In fact, when she first began considering career opportunities, the current president and founding director of Sharjah Art Foundation—who’s also the director of the Sharjah Biennial, the president of the Africa ...
The who's who of shindig-throwers in 2019 is out.
When Carla McDonald, a seasoned public relations exec, traded New York for Austin, TX in order to marry her husband Jack and start a family, she thought that keeping her hand in the marketing game would be a good thing, and initially ...
Inside the cultural institution's $500,000,000 gamble.
Sparks fly inside the Shed. Specifically, in the McCourt, the performance hall whose retractable shell is the signature flourish of the 200,000-square-foot structure’s flexible design. The building, recently named in honor of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, is encased in Teflon-based ...
The tycoon reveals his funny side during a talk with the photographer.
Jaime Zobel de Ayala is many things we already know—a philanthropist, an art enthusiast, and chairman of Ayala Corporation. But one casual evening at the Manila House revealed another side to the business tycoon: He is also a funnyman. Zobel de Ayala was ...
The family keeps a staff of 600 at home, which is the second most expensive in the world, after Buckingham Palace.
News has been swirling around the Ambani family once more, after the recent wedding of the family’s eldest son Akash to Shloka Metha last weekend. The lavish affair lasted three days, in addition to a trip to Switzerland, multiple traditional celebrations, and ...
Surprise performances by Maroon 5, parties hosted at a 27-story home, and a pre-wedding carnival in St. Moritz made the wedding extra special.
If you loved watching the extravagance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding last spring, then you must know that India celebrated its own version of the royal wedding last weekend.The groom is Akash Ambani, the 27-year-old son of Mukesh Ambani, ...
After cocktails and dinner at a fine dining establishment, a few of T&C's millennial friends enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera.
Town&Country recently held its first Theatrical Dine Around at the Solaire Resort and Casino. An offshoot of T&C’s signature concept, the affair combined great company, fine dining, and a main musical attraction.In partnership with Solaire, our select guests were treated to a showing ...