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According to Michael Sanchez, the Amazon billionaire was willing to go to great lengths to get the truth.
The Jeff Bezos vs. National Enquirer scandal has reached Shakespearian proportions. In a series of interviews with Vanity Fair, Michael Sanchez—the brother of Lauren Sanchez, the woman Bezos is currently dating—dropped a bombshell: that Bezos considered buying the National Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc., in order to ...
The Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner's alleged affair with Lauren Sanchez has made headlines lately. Now Bezos says David Pecker is trying to use it against him.
In an extraordinary move on Thursday, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post, published an essay on Medium, in which he described an alleged attempt by National Enquirer parent company AMI to blackmail him.Bezos, whose alleged affair with reporter Lauren ...
These illegitimate royals overcame the circumstances of their birth and went on to become some of the most influential people in history.
In the middle ages, it was common for noblemen to have children outside of their own marriages. Who were the illegitimate children in the royal family? Most of them lived comfortable lives in relative obscurity, enjoying the benefits of their heritage without ...
Her life was anything but ordinary.
Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret made many headlines in her time—she was beautiful, elegant, and stylish, after all. Her life, however, was also often shadowed by controversy, from her affair with an older, divorced man to her “nude” birthday portrait. Get a ...
The Profumo Affair was all about sex, parties, and power.
The death of 75-year-old Christine Keeler made British news earlier this month. Back in the early 1960s, Keeler had been involved in a scandal that rocked the British government.The event, called the Profumo Affair after the Secretary of State for War John ...
Today's drama pales in comparison.
Today's Hollywood is full of drama---but the feuds of modern celebrities have nothing on the mysteries, conspiracies, and all-around craziness of Old Hollywood. Here's the weirdest of the weirdest.The Black Dahlia's MurderBlack Dahlia is at the heart of one of Hollywood's most infamous ...
From meeting Adolf Hitler to cheating on their clothing rations, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were surrounded by controversy.
When King Edward VIII gave up the British throne—which eventually led to the abdication crisis and his younger brother Albert taking his place—to marry twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson, it caused quite a controversy. Even after their low-key wedding and unofficial exile to ...