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According to a new lawsuit, the extravagant affair was a total and complete scam.
After a five-year-engagement and months of wedding planning, hairstylist-to-the-stars William "Jordan" Blackmore and his heiress fiancée, Andi Potamkin, jetted off to Utah in a private plane to tie the knot. The stylish couple's ultra-lavish $1 million desert wedding took place in a ...
This is how much the Fyre co-organizer is worth now.
If you spent the past weekend engulfed in either one of the Fyre Festival documentaries available on streaming platforms Netflix and Hulu, then the question ‘Where is Billy McFarland now?’ may already have crossed your mind.The rivaling documentaries both recount how Billy ...
It's surprisingly difficult to verify whether your pet is a purebreed.
In January 2017 a group of judges at an English dog competition made a shocking allegation. Mallowdale Diamond, Queen Elizabeth’s black, curly-haired cocker spaniel, which had won the Yorkshire Gun Dog Open Qualifiers in 2015 and the Kennel Club Open Qualifiers in ...
With Basquiats, Modiglianis, and Picassos going for upwards of $100 million, the stakes have never been higher.
There’s an old joke among art market veterans that says the thicker the file of supporting documents for a painting, the more likely it is to be a pants-on-fire fake. These days, in a world in which Basquiats, Modiglianis, and Picassos can ...
How one woman is taking on an rampant problem of counterfeit wines.
Maureen Downey is on crutches again. This time the 46-year-old expert in wine investment and authentication was trying to rescue a cat she thought was stranded on a roof, but after securing the feline she missed the top rung of the ladder ...
Even the best and the brightest can lose everything.
Caveat emptor.I first encountered the phrase as a teenager devouring Gone With the Wind, and it sent me scurrying off to the dictionary. In the book, the rakish hero, Rhett Butler, proposes “Caveat Emporium” as the name for the store owned by ...