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Just when you thought the restaurant couldn't get any better.
Tucked away in a high-rise condominium in Fort Bonifacio is Savage, chef Josh Boutwood’s “primitive” food joint that only uses the pre-industrial method of open-fire cooking.For those who have not visited the restaurant yet, the interiors are modern, save for some wooden ...
Boutwood seeks to collaborate with fellow culinary nomads in the dining industry and his first dinner is in partnership with Old Manila's chef de cuisine.
What happens when some of the best culinary minds in the world come together to collaborate? In the eyes of Josh Boutwood, the notable chef behind two of Manila’s most progressive dining establishments, Helm and Savage, and the central figure behind The ...
It's Savage's first anniversary.
At this point, we know that only good things come out of the collaborations between top chefs, so when Savage, Manila's modern open-fire restaurant, announced its first anniversary with a charitable six-hands dinner, we knew something wonderful and delicious was imminent.Savage's one-night-only ...
Lamb and pork chops, rib eye, and flank steak—all grilled and smoked—are most definitely on offer at this pre-industrial restaurant.
In Manila’s 35-degree heat, I often wonder how our forefathers survived a Philippine summer without electricity. The idea of no spinning fans, no air- conditioning, and no running cold water on tap is not a time or place that I think anyone ...