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It unfolds into a 7.3-inch screen that can run three apps simultaneously, making it the CEO of all smartphones.
At a certain point over the past 10 years, we accepted that our cell phones would be slender, refined rectangles capable of running (or ruining) or lives. A steady stream of updates offered better cameras, more storage, and longer battery, and that ...
From step counters to triathlon companions, these are the ones that will make you a smartwatch owner.
A decade after smartwatches were introduced as the next must-have gadget for smartphone users, the device has finally hit ubiquity. Sure, fitness trackers still remain as a niche product catering to those who or aspire to lead active lifestyles, but finding someone ...
The Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up introduces impressive upgrades worthy of the flagship phone’s 10th year anniversary.
A decade after it was introduced to the world, the Samsung Galaxy S series is getting its annual upgrades. This year’s line-up features an impressive range of options: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and the high-end Galaxy S10+, which comes with a limited ...
But do you agree?
Toilet rugs, taxidermy, and avocado bathrooms have been named the worst interior design trends of the last half of a century.Other furnishing fails of the past 50 years include carpeted bathrooms, waterbeds, anything animal print and beaded curtains.Commissioned by Samsung to mark the launch of its ...