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Higgins gives us a glimpse into pre-Hispanic history.
Artist Mark Lewis Higgins is giving us a visual history lesson by way of his first exhibition in 12 years, entitled “Gold In Our Veins.” This foray back into the art scene is nothing short of a grand welcome with the generous ...
The late Carmen Guerrero Nakpil called her friend "the angel who gave wings to the pedestrian fantasies of countless grateful women."
The right clothes—beautiful if possible, but, if nothing else, correct—have been a riveting, compelling need all my life. In Ermita, the little Spanish-American mannerly town nesting on a curve of Manila Bay, where I was born and raised in the 1920s, clothes ...
Once upon a time when couture was standard, these fashion masters were the ones trusted by Manila's elite.
In the golden days of Manila, privileged women of this city’s elite opted to be dressed by a handful of these famous dressmakers, entrusting them with stitching their impeccably classic yet fashionable gowns. Back in the day, the elegant and fashionable society ...