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The two parties are currently engaged in legal talks over patterns the British brand allegedly copied and used on some of its clothes.
Filipino artist Feanne has built her reputation around creating hand-sketched prints on silk scarves and exhibiting her own works of art. In December 2018, she learned that British retailer Rixo had been producing apparel patterned after a design similar to her own. To ...
These lifestyle shops are rich with hard-to-get fashion labels and unique shopping experiences.
In recent years, multi-brand shops that offer much more than retail have become more commonplace. Through a highly curated mix of products, these so-called concept stores provide a lifestyle that appeals to a large number of people.Here, we’ve rounded up a mix ...
The SSI Group holds over 100 brands we all know.
On June 5 at Shangri-La at the Fort, Stores Specialists Inc. kicked off its 30th year as the country's leading retail and lifestyle curator. To mark the occasion, we take a look back at some of its milestones.With the backing of the ...
The chic retailer’s response to the global trend of lifestyle dining.
Power Plant Mall’s recent facelift is an exciting development. But apart from all-new dining spots inside the building, a contemporary glass structure just across the mall has been generating considerable buzz.This trendy new fixture in Rockwell’s urban landscape is Harlan + Holden ...
See our favorite looks from the new collection.
Now's your chance to get royal style at a fraction of the price. H&M is teaming up with one of Duchess Kate's favorite brands, Erdem, on new, more affordable collaboration.The full 87-piece collection includes menswear, handbags, shoes, and jewelry, in addition to womenswear. See ...
Interesting facts about the 65-year-old retail giant that was almost named Tanrus.
The story of how Gliceria “Glecy” Rustia-Tantoco and Bienvenido "Benny" Tantoco, Sr. began selling trinkets collected from their travels all over the world in their living room in San Marcelino has been retold time and again, but it never fails to inspire. ...
Dee Poon, the multi-faceted daughter of the owners of Harvey Nichols and Esquel talks about her involvement in the arts, men’s fashion, and sex education.
Five minutes into a spirited conversation with Dee Poon, the last thing one would think that this young, hip and incredibly au courant woman does from nine to five is make men’s shirts--not that men’s shirts are not hip and fashionable. In ...