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The royal couple's use of a private jet caused controversy—but after Elton John voiced his support for them, several more celebrities spoke up, too.
Over the past few days, the British press began to report on a secret trip to France that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and baby Archie took. Headlines quickly focused in on their method of transport—a private jet—and a wave of criticism followed, condemning ...
Dresses for the bold bride.
White may be iconic but a blush or pale rose wedding gown is the perfect way to bend—but not break—with tradition. Here, we've rounded up ten pink wedding gowns for every type of bride.BUY NOW Needle & Thread Embellished Tulle Gown, $1,000This ombré ...
If you're drinking pink, make it a good one.
Rosé isn't just for the summer. Here are the top pink champagnes to drink all year long.$36.99 (375-ml half-bottle) [P1,882.42]$149.97 (P7,631.97)$159.99 (375-ml half-bottle) [P8,141.89]$65 (P3,307.85)$68.99 (P3,510.90)$89.99 (P4,579.59)$299.97 (P15,265.47)$144.99 (1.5-liter magnum) [P7,378.54]$449.99 (P22,899.99)$169.99 (1.5-liter magnum) [P8,650.79]This story originally appeared on* Minor edits ...
It's simply stunning.
There's no debate that Grace Kelly had one of the best wedding dresses of all time. The American princess still influences bridal fashion to this day, with notable trendsetters Duchess of Cambridge and Miranda Kerr following suit.But while the long-sleeved gown by costume designer Helen Rose still ...
Put this on your holiday wish list now.
Fans of cooking and all things pink, prepare yourselves. Le Creuset's new Matte Sugar Pink collection is so beautiful, you won't be able to resist buying it all.Even though the company has been selling a similar shade, called Hibiscus, since the spring of 2016, this ...
The Milstein family's annual event is getting a millennial makeover.
For the past five years, the Milstein family has thrown the Hamptons party of the summer: the illustrious, invite-only Black and White Party. This year, the festivity is targeting a new crowd — and a new generation.In lieu of the annual bash, Toby and Larry Milstein, ...