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The true legacy of Nick Joaquin lies not in the volume or richness or brilliance of his works, but in the optimism in the Filipino.
As a writer, Nick Joaquin was extremely shy and elusive. When he was asked to fill out a biographical form for the English-language journal Philippine Review in 1943, he just wrote “25 years old, salesman.” But even his reclusive nature and preference for anonymity ...
During the 17th to 19th centuries, the Chinese survived a ruthless persecution by the Spaniards, and still emerged as crucial economic assets in the Philippines.
The history of the Chinese in the Philippines during the 16th to 18th century is usually relegated to the footnotes, when in fact, they were crucial actors who actively shaped Philippine history.One of the reasons why colonial and pre-colonial Chinese in the ...
When every other country was closing their doors to the Holocaust refugees, Filipinos proudly opened theirs, saving the lives of 1,200 Jewish refugees in the Philippines.
At a time when Jews were the most desperate of desperates, when they were being subjected to unimaginable horrors, when they were being hunted, exterminated, and treated like pestilence, every other nation closed their doors to Jewish refugees in their darkest hour, but ...
Doña Aurora Quezon was austere yet gentle, and was a well-loved figure in Philippine history.
Every April 28, Filipinos remember the ruthless assassination of Aurora Antonia Aragón Quezon, more affectionately known as Doña Aurora Quezon—the Philippines’ first official first lady. Although previous Philippine presidents had spouses, it was only during the presidency of Manuel Quezon when the term was ...
New Manila was the serene sanctuary of the old rich.
Before Forbes Park, there was New Manila. It was where Manila’s elite lived. In the '30s and '40s, many of Manila’s prominent families clamored to buy block-sized properties in the enclave developed by Doña Magdalena de Hemady. They included the Cojuangcos, the Madrigals, the Ysmaels, and ...
Only remnants of both sites remain after the 1871 eruption of Mt. Vulkan.
 The richness of the Philippines’ history is no secret to anyone. Relics of the past left behind by decades of colonial rule can be found around the country up until today, particularly in old the architectural design of old buildings and structures. ...
The Philippines may have influenced the Spanish adobo, and not the other way around.
“Filipinos had adobo before Spaniards came to your country, and I have proof,” said Borja Sanchez, a Spanish chef and culinary scientist.Sanchez revealed his findings at a lecture titled “Adobos, Vinegars, and Other Cultural Connections between the Philippines and Spain” at the ...
The discovery of Homo luzonensis raises more questions than it answers.
The Philippines’ wealth in paleontological evidence has led to the discovery of Homo luzonensis—a new ancient human species. The discovery is huge—it overturns our decades-old understanding of how Asia was peopled by ancient humans who traveled from Africa. Homo luzonensis is dated to be at ...
A trip to some of the country’s favored destinations offers a glimpse of the past.
A trip to some of the country’s favored destinations offers a glimpse of the past through the inspired labors in heritage retrieval of bold individuals like National Artist Bencab, neurologist-art patron Joven Cuanang and heritage advocate Cora Relova.It is said that leaving ...
The story of how our national hero bungled his first attempt at having a girlfriend, and how he shrewdly managed to be engaged to two women at the same time.
Many Filipinos look up to national hero Jose Rizal for his admirable traits: courage, wit, intelligence, and patriotism. However, if there is one thing he repeatedly failed at, it was his quest for romance.Rizal was linked to numerous women in his day, ...
The destruction of Manila became an inevitable consequence of a lack of planning.
In his book, Rampage: MacArthur, Yamashita, and the Battle of Manila, James M. Scott sheds light on General Douglas MacArthur’s ineptitudes in the liberation of Manila and the overwhelming atrocities committed by the Japanese during the Battle of Manila based on chilling ...
Higgins gives us a glimpse into pre-Hispanic history.
Artist Mark Lewis Higgins is giving us a visual history lesson by way of his first exhibition in 12 years, entitled “Gold In Our Veins.” This foray back into the art scene is nothing short of a grand welcome with the generous ...