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While you munch on your ShackBurger, your furry friend can have his fill by your side.
With last week’s announcement that pets will now be allowed on public transport vehicles, Metro Manila is becoming a more dog-friendly destination and even the country’s first Shake Shack outlet will be weighing in.Burger-hungry customers will be able to enjoy a meal with ...
More and more dogs are experiencing heat stroke this summer.
With Manila’s heat index rising to 40.4 degrees Celsius this week, everyone is trying their best to avoid the scorching sun and the humid air at all costs. While many people have been retreating to the comforts of air-conditioned homes and offices, ...
An episode of Victoria shows the two women meeting during a cholera outbreak in London, but what's the real story?
The latest episode of Victoria on Masterpiece PBS shows the British monarch meeting a legend of modern medicine, Florence Nightingale, as a cholera epidemic rages on in London. In reality, their introduction didn't play out exactly how it's depicted on screen. Here's the real story.The ...
It's a celebration of how humans and their pets can live companionably in a shared space.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This heartwarming quote by the French writer Anatole France sets the tone for Pet-tecture, a new compact tome showcasing some of the most original design ideas for animals, including furniture, ...
Land Rover has ramps for little dogs and a portable rinse system for that pup who's gone on a muddy walk.
To be a dog person is to be always thinking about how you can include your best friends in every aspect of life. From pet-friendly hotels to navigating air travel, there are hoops aplenty—and all worth jumping through.Car trips seemingly would be ...
The Sussex family has a new addition: a Labrador Retriever.
There's a new member of the Sussex family—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly got a dog!According to People, "the couple got the dog — believed to be a Labrador — in early summer." The magazine also reports that the new pup has been ...
Here are the most adorable costumes for your dog to wear this October.
Not a costume person? No worries! Over the past few years, the trend of dressing up our four-legged friends has quickly become the new way for pet owners to show their seasonal spirit. Whether you're taking your dog with you to trick-or-treat ...
Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle's dogs are at Windsor ahead of the royal wedding.
After months of anticipation, there are only hours left before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry say "I do" at the royal wedding. Markle's bridal party, guests (including her Suits co-stars), and mother, Doria Ragland, have all arrived in London, and are preparing for the nuptials.Prince ...
The Queen has reportedly been "hit extremely hard" by the dog's passing.
The Queen is mourning the loss of her beloved corgi Willow today. The 14-year-old dog, who appeared in the 2012 James Bond Olympics sketch, had been suffering from a cancer-related illness and the Queen reportedly didn't want it to suffer anymore. Willow died on ...
Purebred dogs today may not be as perfect as you may think.
Dogs have been with humans through a history of 40,000 years of domestication (cats have only cuddled up to people 8,000 years ago, which explains their independent and sometimes wild behavior), evolving much to co-exist and depend upon humans for survival.While the ...
He's not just begging for food—he's responding specifically to your expressions.
Puppy dog eyes aren't just adorable and heart-melting. They're actually a facial expression your dog uses to respond to human attention.A new study published in Scientific Reports found that a dog's facial expression is based on the level of attention they're receiving ...
She "fell in love" with the pup while taking it for a walk.
Despite saying that she did not want to take on any additional pets several years ago, Queen Elizabeth has adopted a new dog: a nine-year-old corgi named Whisper.The Sun reports that Whisper previously belonged to the late Bill Fenwick, who served as ...