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After three nominations, he finally takes home the the James Beard Award for Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic 2019.
The prestigious James Beard Foundation just recognized Filipino-American chef Tom Cunanan as the Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic category in the 29th annual James Beard Awards. ???? James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic 2019 ???? @tomccunanan @tomccunanan @tomccunanan @tomccunananA post shared ...
In 2013, Henry Motte-Muñoz created, the one-stop site for everything students need to know before applying to a school.
When the K to 12 program was implemented in the Philippine education system in 2013, Henry Motte Muñoz set a project in motion—a startup that initially sought to fill a gap in the school-hunting process. His brainchild,, planted its roots as ...
Your spouse may not know you’re cheating, but the florist, hotel concierge, and the Maître D' definitely do. What’s giving you away?
Call them the secret keepers: You may have been able to hide your infidelity from your husband or wife, but these people definitely know what you're up to. We went straight to the source to find the obvious tells.If someone is visiting ...
Plus, that time John asked Madonna to dress as Jackie on the cover.
This July will mark 20 years since John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, died in a plane crash. There's a lot to remember about the couple—and high on that list is John's work with George magazine. The publication upended the political publishing ...
The fearless journalist tells us how women can learn to speak up.
On the morning CNN International correspondent Paula Hancocks landed in Manila, the world had its eyes on the Korean peninsula. It was March 22, 2019, and news watchers focused their attention on North Korea withdrawing its stationed staff members from the joint ...
Both Sanchez and Whitesell reportedly filed for divorce in early April.
Ever since Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced in January of this year that they were ending their 25-year marriage, the spotlight has been on the couple. That’s in no small part because it was reported almost immediately that Jeff Bezos was not only splitting ...
Maybe that's why you're such a homebody.
While the average person is happier with a large friend circle, new research reveals those with higher IQs are better off with a small one. Evolutionary psychologists Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University are ...
The who's who of shindig-throwers in 2019 is out.
When Carla McDonald, a seasoned public relations exec, traded New York for Austin, TX in order to marry her husband Jack and start a family, she thought that keeping her hand in the marketing game would be a good thing, and initially ...
Here's everything we know about the Amazon CEO and his pilot girlfriend.
On February 7, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos published an essay on the blogging site Medium accusing the National Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc., of threatening to publish intimate pictures of him and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, unless he called off an investigation into the tabloid.Bezos ...
She suffered from a life-threatening hemorrhage after filming the first season.
A few weeks ahead of the release of the hit television series Game of Thrones, Hollywood actress Emilia Clarke penned a poignant essay for The New Yorker, detailing how she suffered two aneurysms while filming the HBO show. The article entitled “A ...
Inside the cultural institution's $500,000,000 gamble.
Sparks fly inside the Shed. Specifically, in the McCourt, the performance hall whose retractable shell is the signature flourish of the 200,000-square-foot structure’s flexible design. The building, recently named in honor of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, is encased in Teflon-based ...
Naturally, it's called the Amal Clooney Award.
Amal Clooney is one of the Duchess of Sussex's closest friends, as evidenced by her attendance at the royal's intimate baby shower in New York City a few weeks ago. But Clooney is also developing close professional ties to Meghan's father-in-law. Now, the internationally acclaimed ...